10th Circuit Clubmans Round 4

10th Electric Circuit
BRCA Clubmans Round 4 Coastal.

20210815 091934
Round 4 of the BRCA Clubmans took us to the East Coast of England to Coastal Model Car Racing Club. This is the smallest track on the calendar which many liken to Monaco due to the tight confinements of the track and layout. The club made a huge effort in the weeks before the meeting, re profiling corners, replacing track markings and many hours of painting and the track looked fantastic in the Ipswich sunshine.

Four qualifying rounds for all classes was the order of the day. Craig Nutting was the first to hit the track in the Frontie class but local driver and race director George Fairweather kept him honest all day long taking the round two win, looking to be the only challenger for the day. Both drivers being only one point apart with Craig taking FTQ by two seconds. So it was anyone's guess what the A Final outcome would be, but it was sure to be close.

17.5 Blinky being the biggest attended class had the most competition, but also the most chance of seeing some spectacular incidents, which we did. Catch the hump in the middle chicane and you would be visiting the fence and the spares box. Get this section correct and you were rewarded with a very satisfying lap. Andy Murray mastered the Coastal track taking TQ for the day with four perfect round scores and the track record for good measure.

Formula One saw Andy Murray show his skills on this tight twisty track taking TQ by winning every qualifying round, matching his success in the TC class. Michael Lee was also have a great day beating his brother Luke to second on the grid for the finals by taking three second places and was in touching distance of Andy's fastest time. The F1 cars looked great at Coastal looking at home and more to scale on this track.

There was a short break for the finals to be sorted. With a slightly lower turnout for this round with several other meetings on this day the heats were spread out more. But for the finals we would have ten car grids, so we were in for some very busy finals.


Frontie A Final Leg 1.

A clean start to leg 1 as the cars negotiated the sweeper and turn one. Then our pole sitter Craig Nutting clipped the second corner and had to wait for a marshall. This gave George Fairweather the lead and the pack was off and running. Craig returned to the track in last place but was now on a mission. George had now pulled out a huge lead over the length of the straight, with Craig stuck behind a bunched up pack of cars. A mistake from Jason Butterfield saw Criag giant a place but with Gavin Clinch and Mark Burgess having their own battle for second it wasn't going to be easy to put a move on them. Meanwhile George had checked out at the front and looked like he had engaged cruise control. At the two minute mark Gav rolled his car which saw Craig take advantage and now move into second from Mark. By now George was untouchable and just had to bring it home but his lead was being reduced with every lap by Craig, but it was too little to late and George took the first leg win from Craig and Gavin.

Frontie A Final Leg 2

A perfect start this time from Craig who had George stuck on his boot lid for the first few laps, the pair both pulling away from the rest of the pack. George was piling the pressure on and the pair came together coming onto the straight but kept it gentlemanly and proceeded side by side around the sweeper with Jason now on the back of the fighting pair. Craig went wide and was pulled into the track edging which saw him have to retire. This put George in the enviable postion of just having to finish the race to take the A Final win which he did with Jason taking second and Mark third.
With two leg wins George was the overall winner. The next four were all joint on seven points but with the fastest time and best grid spot Craig still managed to take second overall and Jason the last podium spot.


20210815 162031
Frontie A Final top 3
2nd Craig Nutting, 1st George Fairweather, 3rd Jason Butterfield.

17.5 Blinky A Final Leg 1

A full ten car grid for the A final looked very packed and the drivers a bit apprehensive before the start tone. Andy Murray led the procession of cars around for the first lap, with a couple of midfield squabbles acuring as the cars bunched up. Mark Trinder was still holding onto second from Dareen Tickner at this point with an even spread from first to third who were all pulling a lead on the rest of the pack. Andy always looked in control but Mark kept closing the gap as Andy negotiated the back markers, Darren was always there waiting for the leading two to make a mistake or become part of a mistake. Meanwhile there was some real battles going on midfield but our top three had settled in each having to contend with overtaking. This remained the order until the end with Andy taking tla comfortable win from Mark and Darren.

17.5 Blinky A Final Leg 2

With the cars lining up for leg two all was still to play for and it would be way to go from hero to zero. As the cars shot into the sweeper for the first lap Mark clipped the sweeper and barrel rolled. By the time he landed he was dead last. This saw Andy still in the lead with Darren up to second and Adam Downing and Lisa Keen having a battle for third. Meanwhile Mark had been quietly making his way through and had now passed Lisa into forth place and with not only the sun shining on Mark but lady luck Adam through his car off the track promoting Mark to third after that first corner crash. As we reached the end of the race Andy was now the clear winner and coming up to lap Mark who finished third behind Darren. 

20210815 161727

17.5 Blinky A Final top 3.
2nd Mark Trinder, 1st Andy Murray, 3rd Darren Tickner.

Formula One A Final Leg 1

Leg one of the Formula One A Final saw the track basked in the afternoon sunshine and we had the grid set for action. Andy Murray led away with Michael Lee going wide into turn one letting Luke Lee through to chase Andy down, both nose to tail for the first three laps. Andy got less traction onto the straight and had a spin which saw Luke pull a lead, Andy was pushing hard trying to close the gap and had another spin on the sweeper. Michael took up the second spot and with only thirty seconds to go and they trio evenly spaced out around the track the win went to Luke from Michael and Andy.

Formula One A Final Leg 2

Another great start to the last race of the day for Andy but on lap eight a costly spin saw him drop back and Michael take up the lead, but brother Luke was on a roll after his leg 1 win and made a move on Michael stick to move into the lead and gradually increased that lead to take the win and with it the overall A Final win. Michael and Andy had a great battle until the finish, separated by less than a second as they crossed the finish line.

20210815 161848
Formula One A Final top 3
2nd Michael Lee, 1st Luke Lee, 3rd Andy Murray.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. The Coastal club did a fantastic job, not only preparing the track but with a faultlesly run meeting. Garnham's Coffee Co kept us all fed and watered throughout the day with some great food and amazing coffee. 
The club also pulled out all the stops at the end of the day for the presentations. Not only did we have some great race numbers for the day but also very nice winners plaques and sweets for the top three in each final to be devoured on the way home.

You can find videos of all the A Final legs over on YouTube by searching for BRCA Clubmans Round 4.

As we pass the half way point of the Championship we head to Stafford next for round 5. A huge amount of work has been done to improve the facilities, including a brand new rostrum with a roof, hopefully to keep the sun off of us.

Until then C U trackside.
Mark Young, Clubmans PRO