10th EC 2 Wheel Drive National Championship Announced

10th Electric Circuit

2 of the most iconic classes in motorsport history are Formula 1 and BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), which have been a staple of motorsport for decades. These race classes offer unrivalled performance, technological advances, and close racing action. The 2 classes that are hosted at the 2WD EC National Championships are the extremely challenging 21.5T Formula 1 and the 17.5T FWD Touring Car Championships.


One major aim when setting up the 2WD EC National Championship was to lower the costs and make this a championship accessible to more racers. Both F1 and FWD championships will keep the styling of scale race cars that you can see on TV sets around the world while visiting some of the best purpose built tarmac tracks that the BRCA affiliated clubs have to offer. 


To date we’ve not had a lower cost, simplified entry class for Touring Cars. The 4wd Touring Car classes are quite mature in the rules and provide great levels of racing and speeds in excess of 80mph. They have defined race classes and have a very popular championship. However, these classes can be intimidating to a newcomer/club racer wanting to move to the next level and see what the sport has to offer outside of just their local club, while keeping the costs relatively low. 


To do this we are focused on making the FWD Touring Car Championship our entry level cost-based class without sacrificing any of the competition on the track. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find the world’s top drives attending the championship. We encourage this as we know our racers will offer help and advice to new drivers from setup to racing lines. Don’t worry though as we will be F grading the top drivers so that the newcomers also have a championship to fight for (more to come on this in the future). 


The 2WD EC National Championship is a series that will crown a Formula 1 National Champion and two FWD Touring Car National Champions (Formula system). We also have Junior National Champions to crown who also race for half price through the series! Will you be the next BRCA National Champion? Or will you be sitting on the side-line wishing you entered? 


These are exciting times and just a start to what’s coming up, we can’t wait to announce the rest of the details later this week. It’s time to stop being the support classes, this is the real deal.