2016 BRCA 1/10EC Stonehaven GP

10th Electric Circuit

The BRCA 1:10 Electric on road committee are delighted to announce that they will be promoting a Scottish Grand Prix to be held at the Stonehaven track over the weekend of 6th -7th August 2016. This meeting will be free, yes that's FREE to enter.

There are many driver incentives in the pipeline that will make this meeting a must do race for your diaries. We are looking at help with transport, and industry support for the race is all in the pipeline and currently under negotiation. Details will be released as soon as we have confirmation

GP banner

We want to run all of our national classes, so Super Touring, Pro Stock, Stock and F1. Tyres, race format and other details are also still under consideration. The reason for announcing this now is to wet the appetite of drivers both south and north of the border. The intension is to put on a memorable one off Grand Prix event with something for everyone, club driver and team drivers alike. With drivers now more often making the trip to events like ETS, travelling to Scotland for English, Irish and European drivers should not be the daunting task it was a few years ago. So get the date in your diary and sit back, we intend to put the full weight of the section behind this. If you have not been to Stonehaven before, this event will be a great opportunity to sample the track and the hospitality of the organising club.

More information and ability to reserve your place soon