Ellis 1-2 Leads West London to Victory at Adur

10th Electric Circuit

Paul and Jonathan Ellis delivered wins in the wet as the weather put Gremlins in the machinery during round two of KOC22.

The MB Models King of Clubs series is quickly establishing itself in the world of RC racing with fantastic racing, some influential innovations and some rapidly established traditions. The Saturday night Adur BBQ is already one such custom. The after-dinner campsite tug of war could well become another. After a beautifully sunny day, the red sky at night lore reassured campers, unbelieving the met-office forecasts of rain on Sunday.

As forecast, the first rain arrived during heat 4 in the first round of qualifying.

Rain levels the playing field in motorsport. Any speed advantage those with the fastest cars or most powerful motors are neutered in a test of pure driving skill. Plus, If you enjoy driving and racing in the rain, it's an opportunity to punch above your weight as rivals who really don't like it are beaten by their disappointment in the weather. But when it comes to electric radio-controlled racing cars, wet weather first levels the playing field before potholing it with electronic Gremlins.