F1 Indoor National Series Control Tyre 2018/19

10th Electric Circuit

We are very happy to announce the control tyre for the BRCA F1 Indoor National Series 2018/19 –


{image path="images/2018/08/d964606ac0.jpg"}

{image path="images/2018/08/7acc6e8238.jpg"}

XG-571 - Shimizu F1 Front Tyre Soft-Pre-Glued-BRCA-pr

XG-575 - Shimizu F1 Rear Tyre Soft-Pre-Glued-BRCA-pr

These tyres are available right now from all good model shops via Schumacher. We hope to see the series very well supported with this tyre being a popular choice. Dates for the series will be announced very soon!

During testing these tyres proved to offer fantastic rear traction while giving enough steering to deliver some impressive lap times but never overpower the rear. A tyre that can be enjoyed on track by all ability levels!

Thank you to all those that have contributed to testing and consulting.

Tyre rules -

  • Tyres can be checked by officials, if any tyres are deemed to have been tampered with in their construction, they will be held for inspection. Tyres must retain their sticker and dot markings.
  • CA glue is permitted on sidewalls this year and of course the usual side wall decals but these must be clear film based for scrutineering purposes. No other modifications will be allowed.
  • Only tyre additive from the BRCA list will be permitted - https://www.brca.org/gt-circuit-documents/current/approved-additive-list-v3-8-2017