Free Hobbywing Electronics for Front Wheel Drive Entries

10th Electric Circuit

We are proud to announce that after many weeks of negotiations we have a great opportunity to take this class in a new direction of both making the competition ultra-close and fair on the track and also affordable to all drivers. We have chosen Hobbywing to be our control ESC and motor for this class at BRCA events.


As previously announced, we have the aim of making the FWD class our low cost entry level racing class. We have not really had a good grip on entry level electronics as our 4WD classes all use the motors which are competition tuned and homologated on the BRCA Electric Board lists. Motors are quite expensive and the Electronic Speed Controls also being used are quite over spec’d and expensive for the FWD racing class.

This is a brave new direction for the 2wd EC National Championship however we believe that we have the following advantages


  • All drivers have the same electronics – team driver or general customer have the same.
  • The ESC and motor combination have an RPM limit activated to allow all units to provide as close as possible identical performance.
  • The ESC and motor combined are available on the market already for under £95 RRP (about the cost of 1 17.5T competition motor)


The disadvantages for this system are as follows

  • Some drivers may already have ESC/motors
  • Some manufacturers could lose sales (although based on 2020 numbers not many sales)


To overcome the disadvantages we are offering the first 50 drivers who enter 4 or more nationals a FREE OF CHARGE Motor and ESC combo (HW38020321). This is yours to keep forever, not a rental ESC/motor. The only condition is that if you cancel an entry for any of these rounds you will not be eligible for a refund for the round you cancel.


We are very excited that this new direction will pave the way for the growth and continued success of our entry level FWD class. This will take time to trickle down into club racing but long term we can achieve our goals with your support.


We are working with Schumacher Racing and Hobbywing directly to make sure that the drivers who are quick enough to enter to get FREE motor and ESC are all supported with any warranty queries you may have.


The drivers who do not qualify to receive the FREE motor and ESC will have to purchase this motor and ESC to be allowed to compete at our 2wd EC National Championships. It is worth the small investment to join into the most exciting new class of racing to hit our section for years! It’s time to stop being the support classes, this is the real deal.