Rule Clarification 10EC Section : F1 Body Shells

10th Electric Circuit

BRCA F1 Sub-Committee Announcement – Rule Clarification


A body shell (ODP GONZO 1:10 Formula 1 Body) has been brought to the attention of the BRCA F1 sub-committee. Under rule 1.1 and 1.3 we believe this shell's appearance does not conform to the spirit of the Formula 1 class and offer a realistic representation of an original FIA Formula 1 car. Therefore this body shell will not be permitted to be used in any BRCA sanctioned event with immediate effect as of 18/10/2018.

We understand that many body shells on the market now have features which are not 100% scale and accurate. This is unavoidable largely due to clearing side links, transverse battery layouts and side dampers of today’s chassis. We have a fairly liberal view on this and most products on the market are deemed perfectly acceptable featuring a familiar Formula 1 profile in the nose, air box and side pods. There is a line though and we feel in this case there is a need to uphold the scale spirit of the class and prevent things escalating towards purely performance driven designs, totally abandoning the classes’ roots. I hope we speak on behalf of many when I say that a key attraction to this class is the look of the cars. We cannot lose that quality, which is almost unique now in RC car racing.

We hope to bring further clarification regarding body shells post AGM. In the mean time the formula body market is pretty stable but just use common sense and if concerned something might be close to the line, feel free to FB message me or Javier or chat with us trackside.

You can downlad this announcement here: 2017-BRCA-RC10ECF1.pdf

Current F1 Rules can be found here: