Scottish GP 2016 tyre selection underway

10th Electric Circuit

The BRCA 10th Electric Circuit section have opened up the process for manufactures to submit suitable tyres for the Stonehaven Scottish GP 2016


We are currently inviting tyre manufactures to submit a suitable tyre for use at the Stonehaven Scottish grand Prix, on this occasion the chosen tyre will not be decided by a vote but will be based on the following criteria
A. Suitably, the Stonehaven track is renowned for being a little abrasive so we need a tyre that will last and perform, this will be the highest priority for us and we will wish to send a couple sets to a local modified driver to test at the track prior to making our selection
B. Availability, we need sufficient tyres to be available over the weekend, its likely we will restrict the tyre use to three sets per driver
C. Cost, we have already offered a free entry for this event in an effort to keep costs low for the drivers, so a good commercial offer is essential
If you  are interested in supplying the tyre for this high profile meeting please contact me at the e-mail address below, in return should your tyre be selected you will be given banner space around the track and included on the list of sponsors for the meeting
We feel that by partnering us in the event it would give exposure to your product to the drivers using the tyre, possibly some for the first time.

Adrian Jefferies,

Section Secretary