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2020 Events are Cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing restrictions, our National events for 2020 have been cancelled.


We are not automatically issuing refunds.

The clubs really need your support at the moment. They still have to pay their rent, which can be upwards of £5000 per year, but currently have zero income.

When this is over, we all want to get back racing, and for that we need the clubs to still exist. So we are asking that if you are able to, please let the clubs keep your entry fees. The club will get 100% of each entry fee after paypal fees, so around £19.50 per entry.

At the same time, we appreciate that times are also hard for a lot of racers. So, if you do need a refund, please email specifying which event(s) you would like a refund for. You will get a full refund. Please be patient, there's a lot for both our section and the BRCA treasurer to process, so it may take up to 30 days.

The deadline for refunds is 30 September, so you can always request a refund at a later date if your financial situation changes. On 1 October, each un-refunded entry fee will be sent to the host club. Each club will receive their own entry fees; e.g. if Eastbourne has 30 un-refunded entries, they will receive 30 entry fees.

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