BRCA 1/10th IC Circuit RC Car Racing






2020 British Open Events.

PLEASE READ this BEFORE entering any of the events. 

Please Note You Can Only Enter 1 Class

The Race Format for 2020 has had to be changed to comply with current Government Restrictions.

Current Lock-down rule do not allow overnight stays therefore the track will be CLOSED to all competitors on the day preceding the event (This may change from the 4th July 2020).

The total number of entries is currently fixed at 40 (Forty)

Your Section Committee hope to see you soon.


Calendar dates:

Round 1 - 19th July 2020 @ Colchester Club

Round 2 - 23rd August 2020 @ Cotswolds

Round 3 - 13th September 2020 @ Halifax 


Race Classes:

This year the two race classes of 200mm, 220mm. With GT8 Nitro and GT8 Electric.


Race Fee:

The race fee is £20 per event per class.



See timetable which is available to download below.


Time Table 

10th IC 2020 Time Table 

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