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GT NationalsThe BRCA GT Circuit Committee is pleased to announce the dates of 2023/24 national championship.


This season, GT12 Nationals will also be offering a ‘Supercup’ support class based around the popular 1/12th Hot-Hatch ‘Mini’ format. Full Rules will be published at a later date, but will be for Mardave ‘Mini’ style cars with BRCA Electric Board approved 21T Motors, 4 Cell Metal Hydride Cells, Mini Bodyshells, Full size Servo, 32DP Gears and low cost ESC’s. As with all GT12 nationals, reverse must not be used.

The BRCA Nationals have earned a reputation for being a hugely competitive series with the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will find. This is a series of events, open to drivers of all abilities that offer the opportunity to race against and learn from some of the country's best drivers. The championship will be contested over five indoor rounds on carpet, with each driver's best three scores counting towards their final placing in the series.

The GT12 Nationals and Mini Supercup are sure to be great events, so please support us by attending one or all of the events and make this season the best ever.

Calendar Dates

  1. Sept. 24th, West Cornwall, West Cornwall Radio Control Model Car Club, Redruth
  2. Oct. 22nd Tamworth, Tamworth Model Car Club, Tamworth 
  3. Nov. 26th Chesterfield, Chesterfield Auto Racing Club, Alfreton 
  4. Dec. 17th Eastbourne, Eastbourne Electric Car Club, East Sussex
  5. Jan. 28th Stafford, Stafford Radio Control Model Car Club. Cannock


Please note that pure RC4 transponders (AMB Purcy and Pro) should not be used at these events.


The racing will follow the normal format used for GT circuit nationals (subject to time constraints)

1 round of controlled practice run in heats

4 rounds of qualifying

1 leg of finals



You can view the current rules here: 

BRCA GT12 Technical Rules v5B 



The 2023 10EC 2 Wheel Drive National Championship details are below. The championship will be contested over 6 outdoor rounds on tarmac, visiting many of the best outdoor tracks in the UK.

2wd dates


Formula One

21.5t motors.

Blinky ESCs (no boost or turbo).

Slick Tyre – HRF1ABRCA. Max 1 set per meeting.

Wet tyre - Sweep - Front: SW-F1FV5G-MPG-BRCA, Rear: SW-F1RV5G-28RPG-BRCA. Max 1 set per meeting.

There is a known issue with the BRCA markings on the V5 wet tyres, some may have blue markings and some white. Both are permitted along with the old discontinued V4 build with white marking.

FWD (Front-wheel-drive)

Front wheel drive cars

BRCA Spec Hobbywing ESC HW30112003 and 17.5t Motor HW30408011

Dry tyre - Ride RI-MB-BRCA Belted Cut Slick. Max 1 set per meeting.

Wet tyre - Shimizu XG-RAIN pre-glued wet tyres. Max 1 set per meeting. 

17.5T Support Class

4WD Touring Cars ONLY

17.5T BRCA list motors with BRCA Blinky list ESC

Dry tyre – Any rubber Touring car tyres. Max 1 set per meeting.

Wet tyre – Any rubber Touring car wet tyres. Max 1 set per meeting.

NOT open to drivers from either 2WD or 4WD national series

21.5T Support Class

4WD Touring Cars ONLY

21.5T BRCA list motors with BRCA Blinky list ESC

Dry tyre – Any rubber Touring car tyres. Max 1 set per meeting.

Wet tyre – Any rubber Touring car wet tyres. Max 1 set per meeting. 

Junior Drivers only 16 Years old or less on 1/10/23

General Rules

Maximum LiPo voltage of 8.40v. LiPos must be charged and discharged in closed LiPo sacks. Charging must be balanced, and at no more than the maximum charge rate advised by the manufacturer.

Motors, LiPos and bodyshells must be on the relevant BRCA approved lists for the F1 class.

LiPos and bodyshells must be on the relevant BRCA approved lists for the FWD class.

Both classes will use a control additive provided as part of your entry fee. Additive will be same as last year which was Spider Red provided in bottles.

Both classes will be limited to a single set of dry and a single set of wet tyres.

Meeting Format

Optional practice on Saturday in heats.

1 round of timed practice on Sunday morning, in heats.

3 rounds of Round-By-Round qualifying. Your best 2 round positions are added together to give your overall qualifying position.

3 rounds of finals. Your best 2 positions added together to give your final position with trophies for the top 3 overall in each final, plus TQ and top juniors.


Championship Points

The meeting score will be after your best 2 finals are added together. The winner of each A-final will receive 150 points, second 149, third 148 and so on down to last place at the event.

This gives 6 scores in total, with 4 to count (i.e. you must do at least 4 meetings to qualify for championship trophies).


Entry Details

£21 entry fee. Additional £10 for Saturday practice (paid in cash to the club).

Half price for all juniors! (16 or under on the meeting date). Please use the Under-13 or Under-17 button when entering to ensure you are entered in the corrected championship. 

Juniors must use coupon code 10ECJUNIOR to get 50% off your race entry fee. Any seniors using this code will have their entry rejected! 

Booking closes at 12 noon the Two Weeks before the event. At this time the number of finals will be fixed, and booking will reopen to fill any remaining spaces (e.g. 56 cars gives 6 finals, and there will be 4 spaces remaining).

We will monitor the class number limits and adjust as necessary (maximum 110 drivers).


Reserve Lists

We don't use reserve lists.

Start checking this page a couple of weeks before the event; this is when people start cancelling and spaces become available. We've had 10+ people cancel before, so there's usually a good chance of getting in.



You can cancel your entry here on the BRCA website until 14 days before the meeting. Click on the event below and you should have a Cancel option.

In the week before the meeting, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to cancel your entry.

Entry cancellations must be notified directly to the Competition Secretary. Providing written notice is received at least fourteen days prior to the event, the full entry fee will be provided. Any special entry conditions may be excluded from refunds, see terms on entry to events. This is a manual process, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a refund, stating which meeting(s) were cancelled.



BRCA 1/10th IC Circuit RC Car Racing






1-10 IC and GT8 National Dates 2023


(Best 4 form 6 to count for National Series Championship)


Round 1 - 15th & 16th April 2023 @ Cotswolds

Round 2 - 3rd & 4th June 2023 @ Colchester

Round 3 - 8th & 9th July 2023 @ Halifax

Round 4 - 5th & 6th August 2023 @ Wombwell

Round 5 - 9th & 10th September 2023 @ Cotswolds

Round 6 - 30th September & 1st October 2023 @ Halifax


Britsh Open

29th & 30th April 2023 @ Halifax


Race Classes:

1) 10th IC Circuit 200mm (National Series)

2) 10th IC Circuit Sports GT (National Series)

2) GT8 Nitro (National Series).

3) GT8 Electric (National Series).

See 1-10 IC Section Handbook for Specification for each of the 'National' classes.


Race Fee:

The race fee is £25 per event per class or £15 for Juniors per event per class.


Saturday and Sunday Race Procedure:

See 1-10IC Section Handbook.

Trophies for Top 3 in ALL finals and TQ in all classes.



BRCA 1/8 Circuit 2023 Nationals
Best 4 from 6 to count
01-02 April R1 Cotswold
29-30 April BRITISH OPEN GP Halifax (Open to both 1-8 Circuit, 1-10 Nitro, GT8 Nitro and GT8 Electric) None points scoring meeting
20-21 May R2 Wombwell
10-11 June R3 Halifax
22-23 July R4 Adur
26-27 August R5 Halifax
23-24 September R6 Cotswold
We offer a series that aims to give racers as much track time as possible/value for money and we welcome new racers who wish to try one of fastest forms of RC with both Electric and Nitro classes raced. Both new and second hand models are available from our trackside suppliers see below, for more information join our facebook group.
In 2023 each round will have open practice on the Saturday. Sunday will be race day.
Our national championship awards F1-F4 formulas using our ranking system for nitro and electric classes plus a junior award.
Entries will open soon at


  • Nitro Class: 3.5cc two stroke engines
  • Electric Class: batteries up to maximum of 4s (14.8 volts), motor and speed controller combination recommended retail price (RRP) of up to £325 including all taxes. The motor must have a 5mm pinion shaft

Club racing - 1/8 Nitro and Electric Circuit

You will find the latest information on facilities, opening times, directions and pictures of the circuits on their Facebook page: -







UK Suppliers for 1/8 Circuit Nitro + Electric cars

UK Suppliers for 1/8 Circuit Nitro + Electric cars.

Shepherd – Zen Racing trackside support

Serpent – Elite RC Racing trackside spares

Capricorn - MB Models

Mugen (YMC Racing)

Xray (RCDisco)

Large Scale Off Road National Series

The BRCA LSOR Section are pleased to announced its calendar of events for its 2023 National championship.

The championships will be contested over 8 rounds, with each driver’s best 5 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will be visiting several of our established venues along with some of our newer ones too whilst covering the North, South, East and West of the UK.

Due to the continued popularity of our series over recent years we will be once again running one of our three qualification rounds on Saturday afternoon.

Calendar Dates

March 25/26                 LSOR National Round 1                    Nene Valley Raceway, Northamptonshire     

April 22/23                    LSOR National Round 2                   North West Large Scale, Lancashire

May 20/21                    LSOR National Round 3                    MMR Raceway, Wiltshire

June 17/18                   LSOR National Round 4                    North West Large Scale, Lancashire

July 08/09                    LSOR National Round 5                    Pickering RC Track (TBC), Yorkshire

August 19/20               LSOR National Round 6                     Sussex RC Track

September 09/10        LSOR National Round 7                      Lincolnshire Radio CCC

October 07/08             LSOR National Round 8                     MMR Raceway, Wiltshire 

Event entry opens on 20th February 2023 for all events.

Round 2 will also be an EFRA Large Scale Off-Road International Promotional Race. Note, non BRCA members from fellow European affiliations will not score BRCA LSOR Championship points.

The series will continue to welcome all types of large scale off road vehicles and retains its race classes from previous seasons, which are :-

– Large Scale Off Road 2 Wheel Drive Buggy Class (for 2 wheel drive buggies with a max engine cc of 26cc and compliant to our construction rules)
– Large Scale Off Road 4 Wheel Drive Buggy Class (for 4 wheel drive buggies with a max engine cc of 30cc and compliant to our construction rules)
– Large Scale Off Road Short Course Class (for 2 & 4 wheel drive short course trucks with a max engine cc of 32cc and compliant to our construction rules)

Our 2023 handbook is currenlty at the printers but will be available electronically ahead of the first round via this website.

Our national championship awards 3 titles in each class, a junior title (must be 15 on 1st January 2023), a clubman title (excludes those drives classified by the section as national drivers) and a national title open to all.

Please note that due to the popularity of our series we have yet again activated the waiting list option with priority given to those drivers who have paid for their events. 

To enter any of our 2023 National race meetings below PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN WITH YOUR BRCA ACCOUNT and have renewed your membership for the race season.

The BRCA LSOR section continues to offer a full refund to any driver who pays their race entry ahead of the race meeting and is unable to participate at event. 



Mini Touring Car (M-TC)

The M-TC Section are pleased to announce the 2023 BRCA National Series.



M-TC 4WD Foam Tyre

M-TC 4WD Rubber Tyre

M-TC FWD Rubber Tyre


Series Format

The Clubmans series will take place over 8 one day events.

Your best 5 scores will count towards your points total.


Meeting Format 

1 round of timed practice in heat order @ 5 minutes 

3 rounds of FTQ qualifying @ 5 minutes

3 final rounds @ 5 minutes 

The grid order for final round 1 will be as per the qualification results after the 3 qualifying rounds.

The grid order for final round 2 will be as per the results of the round 1 final.

The grid order for final round 3 will be as per the driver positions after the first 2 final rounds.




You will marshal the race immediately following your own. 

The race director will inform you during the drivers briefing where the appropriate marshalling points are.

Only drivers shall marshal, no substitute marshals unless agreed with the race director before the start of the event. 




During drivers briefing the race director shall appoint 1 driver from each race to fulfil the role of scrutineer.

The appointed scrutineer will be excused from marshalling duties.


As a minimum, each car will be checked for:

Ride Height


Battery Voltage

Tyre marking

The “Practice” round will not be scrutineered. 



For all classes 2 sets (8 wheels and tyres) shall be allowed for each competitor. 

Your chosen tyres will be marked at the start of the event.

You may use unmarked tyres for the “Practice” round only.

If a tyre becomes damaged to the point of being unusable then it can be substituted but its replacement must be approved and marked by the race director, who must also retain the original tyre until the end of the event.