BRCA 10th Off Road Truck Nationals

The ONLY series dedicated to 1/10th RC Short Course Trucks and Stadium Trucks in the UK covering both 2wd and 4wd shortcourse truck and 2wd stadium trucks. This series affords its racers with unrivalled value for money in terms of track time with no less than 7 races through the day, 4 rounds of qualifying and 3 rounds of finals for all.

The Series takes place at some of the best UK Off Road race venues, and caters for all abilities and age groups and with many new Junior racers planning to join us this year this trend looks to continue. With increasing popularity and a great bunch of travelling racers there is no better time to come and join in the fun!

Short Course / Stadium Truck racing is as competitive as you want it to be but the emphasis is about having fun. We are seeing more families join us as each season passes making it a great way to spend weekends away! Make "racing widows" a phrase of the past and bring the partners / wives / husbands along for the fun!

The 2023 season is going to 6 clubs with 4 from 6 rounds to qualify towards the championship, this years rules have been updated and something different with trophys, all entrants who have completed 4 qualifying rounds will receive an end of series trophy. we are also looking at something special for juniors during the season.

Race Calendar 2023

Round 1 - 23rd April 2023 - Mendip

Round 2 - 14th May 2023 - Southport

Round 3 - 18th June 2023 - Swindon 

Round 4 - 16th July 2023 - EPR

Round 5 - 20th August 2023 - Telford

Round 6 - 17th September 2023 - A1

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