1/12th section - Committee changes

1/12th Circuit
There have been some changes to the 1/12th Section - LMP & GT committee
We are please to announce changes to the 12th Section GT Committee with immediate effect.
Niall Cochran will take over as Chairman as Paul Jenkinson is not able to attend Nationals and feels that is not a good way to Chair the Section.
Lee Owen will take over as Qualifying Officer following Ian Knight’s decision to retire.
Thank you to both Paul and Ian for their work on the GT Committee. It takes something a bit special to volunteer for these posts, but they are just that - voluntary. When one’s personal life has to take priority then that is more important than running car races. We are grateful for what you did for the GT Committee - thank you.

In other news, Jon Provost was not able to take up his role as Publicity Officer. I am grateful to James Stewart, Luke Burley and Kenneth Rogers who have stepped in and are delivering articles, reports and tech charts for the LMP12 Nationals. This is now working well.

If you have anything to contribute to the Section on publicity, please send stuff to Niall for GT and me for LMP - I will forward it to the 'Publicity Three’ for publication. We wish Niall and Lee the best of luck in their new roles and I hope all the racers will give them every support and help, as will the rest of the 12th Section Committees.

Your Committees are now:


Peter Winton (Chair, and Safety LMP & GT)

Alan Hubber (Secretary)

Jim Spencer (Treasurer, LMP & GT)

Stewart Craig (Qualifying)

David Gale (Eligibility LMP & GT)

David Spashett (Sporting, LMP & GT)


Niall Cochran (Chair and PRO)

Colin Mulligan (Secretary)

Lee Owen (Qualifying)

Alan Leighton (Events)


Peter Winton - Chair, 12th Section