2017-18 LMP National Round 5 Report

1/12th Circuit

BRCA LMP Nationals Round 4 - The two Ollies...!

The weekend of February 17th and 18th saw the fifth round of the BRCA LMP national series take place at the Newbury RC club. The event took place over two days, with Saturday seeing all drivers competing in the 13.5 stock class, and Sunday seeing the field split into 6.5 Modified and 13.5 Sports Modified.

The club last held a national two years ago, but the huge experience of the organising team saw a small but challenging track laid out for the attending drivers. The Newbury club run on ETS style carpet, and with the mix of touring car additive and large numbers of cars running, the track soon picked up grip and many drivers were adjusting setup to counter grip roll.

Saturday 13.5

Over the first four Nationals Saturday has been all about David Spashett and his Roche. David has notched up 4 TQ’s, 4 wins and the Championship over the opening rounds. Newbury saw the return of Olly Jefferies to the series, with the Xray driver using the meeting to prepare for the Euros at the end of March – the question was could he topple David?

Qualifying saw the battle for TQ between the Roche duo of Spashett and Ollie Payne, and the Xray of Olly Jefferies. David looked to have the edge over the opening rounds, but enormous pressure from Olly Jefferies in the final round saw a rare mistake from David, leaving Olly to claim pole position for Xray from David and Ollie Payne. Only five drivers were within a lap of pole, with Andy Murray and Mark Stiles staying close to the leading trios pace.

A Final

The A final was a real treat for the spectators with Olly Jefferies leading a hard charging David Spashett and Ollie Payne.

Over the opening minutes Olly soaked up the pressure but couldn’t break away. David started to look for the gap, and in looking for the gap David clipped the dots at the end of the straight taking both himself and Olly wide. Ollie Payne nipped past and took up the lead, from a quickly recovering Olly Jefferies. As the minutes progressed Olly J looked to have a small pace advantage over Ollie P, but was never able to find a gap. At one point Olly J touched the leaders car, but immediately allowed him to retake the lead. As the clock counted down Olly J knew he had to make a move, and a lunge onto the straight saw Olly’s Xray stuck on the barrier, leaving Ollie Payne to cruise to his first 13.5 National win. Olly J’s mistake saw Mark Stiles and Ben Vincent nip through to take second and third at the finish for Associated and Schumacher.

Stock Podium

Stock Results 

  1. Ollie Payne - Roche/Motiv
  2. Mark Stiles - Associated/Reedy
  3. Ben Vincent - Schumacher/Fantom
  4. Olly Jefferies - Xray/Motiv
  5. Andy Murray - Schumacher/Fantom
  6. David Spashett - Roche/Motiv
  7. Matthew White - Associated/Reedy
  8. Adam Catchpole - Schumacher/Fantom
  9. Mick Farrell - CRC/Trinity
  10. Aaron Morley - Associated/Reedy



Sports 13.5

Once again the field in the Sports class was incredibly close, with the drivers covered by under a lap - except for Ben Vincent who was over half a lap faster than second placed qualifier Matt Rice!

Although in terms of pace Ben was dominant, he wasn’t consistent, which gave others hope for the final. The front of the grid was completed by Matt Lax, Mark Jewitt and Mick Farrell in fifth, all drivers who have already won this year. pace.

A Final 

The A final saw Ben Vincent disappoint the watching crowd, by simply disappearing off into the distance to take his second win for the year.

Once Ben had a gap it was all about the battle for second. Matt Rice looked to be on course for another podium but a late race mistake saw him drop from second to fourth, allowing a very consistent Mark Jewitt to use all his experience to sneak through for second from Mick Farrell in third.

Sport Podium

Sports Modified Results

  1. Ben Vincent - Schumacher/Fantom
  2. Mark Jewitt - Schumacher/Fantom
  3. Mick Farrell - CRC/Trinity
  4. Matt Rice - Associated/Reedy
  5. Matt Lax - Xray/Motiv
  6. Luke Burley - Roche/Motiv
  7. Scott Morton - Schumacher/Fantom
  8. Nathanael Goodban - Schumacher/Fantom
  9. Andrew Edwards - Associated/Reedy
  10. James Stewart - Associated/ Reedy

The Sports class sees four drivers head into the final round with a chance of the championship, with Mark Jewitt holding a small lead from Ben Vincent, Matt Rice and Mick Farrell. Whoever finishes first wins at the final national at Chesterfield!


The Modified class saw the leaders from Saturday joined by Alexander Hagberg, Chris Kerswell and Chris Grainger who used Saturday to practice. Over the course of qualifying Alexander Hagberg and his Xray were simply untouchable, taking every round of qualifying, ending up on TQ by six seconds from Ollie Payne’s Roche, who was the only other driver to score 53 laps. Three drivers made 52 laps, with Olly Jefferies, David Spashett and Adam Catchpole all looking to have the pace to challenge for the podium.

A Final 

The A final saw a chaotic first lap for Alex, with his Xray catching a dot leading to contact with Ollie Payne. This incident saw Olly Jeffries and Adam Catchpole into first and second, with a recovering Alex and Ollie behind. Olly Jefferies looked to have a pace advantage over Adam in second and started to pull away. Alex and Ollie were bottled up and took a while to find their way into second and third. Once released Alex piled on the pressure, but his car appeared close to grip-roll and small mistakes dropped him to mid-pack. Ollie Payne was then released to push for the win. At 8 minutes Olly Jefferies had managed the gap perfectly to take the win by half a second from the charging duo of Payne and Hagberg, who were both within a second at the finish!

Mod Podium

Modified results

  1. Olly Jefferies - Xray/Habbywing
  2. Alexander Hagberg - Xray/Hobbywing
  3. Ollie Payne - Roche/Trinity
  4. Adam Catchpole - Schumacher/Fantom
  5. Andy Murray - Schumacher/Fantom
  6. David Spashett - Roche/Trinity
  7. Louis Parker - Schumacher/Fantom
  8. Aaron Morley - Associated/Reedy
  9. Chris Kerswell - Associated/Reedy
  10. Mark Stiles - Associated/Reedy


The Modified Championship is going to the last round, and with news that Alexander will be overseas, it’s between the Roche pairing of Ollie Payne and David Spashett for the championship win.

The final round sees the series move on to Chesterfield, a few places remain if you want to join in as the titles are decided and the spoils handed out. https://www.brca.org/12c-events.html


Many thanks to Luke Burley for the report & pictures