2019-2020 LMP National Round 5, Barley Mow Race Report

1/12th Circuit

Modified and Sports Championships decided. 



Round five of the 2019/20 BRCA LMP12 nationals was hosted by Barley Mow club in Birtley in the North of England last weekend. A reduced entry compared to the last round didn’t detract from the excellent racing this championship has become known for. The event took place in a large hall with the club laying a flowing layout with a variety of corners requiring careful car setup and consistent driving to get the best time from the circuit.


Saturday would see drivers competing in 13.5 and 17.5 stock classes. In the 13.5 class there was a three way battle between David Spashett, current stock World Champion Andy Murray and Louis Parker for pole position. In round three Andy and Louis posted identical times after swapping first and second by a tenth or two throughout the eight minute run. At the end of qualifying it would be Andy who would claim the front spot from David Spashett and Louis Parker with Mark Stiles very close behind in fourth. In the final all cars would get away cleanly with Andy opening up an early lead with David giving chase. An early mistake by Louis would allow Mark through and having more pace he managed to gain a small lead over Louis. Andy would take a tone to tone win with pace that allowed him to be the only driver to make it on to the 39th lap at the tone. David would finish in second with Mark Stiles in third place and Louis in fourth.

F1 13.5 Stock Result

1                   Andy Murray - Schumacher

2                   David Spashett – Zen Racing

3                   Mark Stiles - Roche

4                   Louis Parker - Schumacher

5                   Ben Vincent - Roche

6                   Adam Catchpole - Capricorn

7                   Adam Mackman - Schumacher

8                   Aaron Morley - Roche

9                   Nathanael Goodban – Schumacher

10                 Matthew Lax – Xray

F1 Podium small

The 13.5 class also contains a F2 championship.  Pole position would go to James Chappell who was trying his hand at 12th circuit for the first time rather than his usual class of 10th offroad. Mark Rogers would line up second from last round’s winner David Underwood.  James would take a tone to tone win with David keeping him honest but unable to challenge for the win. Mark Rogers would be involved in an early incident after making a mistake and would finish off the podium. James Eaves would complete the top three after racing from 5th on the grid.

F2 13.5 Stock Result

1                   James Chappell - Schumacher

2                   David Underwood- Schumacher

3                   James Eaves- Schumacher

4                   Steve Donald- Schumacher

5                   Simon Pole- Schumacher

6                   Mark Rogers - Roche

7                   Tony Wade - - Schumacher

8                   Stuart Barber - CRC

9                   Kenneth Rogers- Schumacher

10                 Graham Dick- Schumacher

F2 Podium small

In 17.5 Mark Jewitt was the man to beat topping the time sheets in all four rounds of qualifying. He would line up ahead of Peter Craig and Gavin Clinch. In the final Mark had terrific pace and with a clean and consistent run he finished 2 laps clear of the rest of the field. Gavin Clinch would finish second with Andy Sawyer completing the top three from fifth on the grid.

17.5 Final Result

1                   Mark Jewitt- Schumacher

2                   Gavin Clinch - Destiny

3                   Andy Sawyer- Schumacher

4                   Adrian Thorpe - Xray

5                   Peter Craig- Schumacher

6                   Stan French – Zen Racing

7                   Alex Curry- Schumacher

8                   Chris Hudson - Xray

9                   Peter Angus – Zen Racing

10                 Glenn Atterton- Schumacher

175 podium small

Sunday would see the open modified class take to the track and there would be more 13.5 turn blinky racing in the Sports class.

Grid small

In modified it was a battle for pole between Andy Murray and Louis Parker with Louis winning out to claim the front spot. Adam Catchpole would line up third. In the final the lead two cars would immediately gap the rest of the field with the two cars following each other closely until a mistake at two minutes from Louis would allow Andy through. Louis was immediately back onto the tail of Andy and capitalised on a mistake to then drive a clean and consistent race bringing his car home for his first BRCA national win. Andy would finish second with Adam finishing in third.

Modified Final Result.

1                   Louis Parker - Schumacher

2                   Andy Murray- Schumacher

3                   Adam Catchpole - Capricorn

4                   Andy Sawyer- Schumacher

5                   Jonathan Simblet - Roche

6                   Graham Dick- Schumacher

7                   Barry Lynch- Schumacher

The current series leader Olly Jeffries was not able to attend this event but the result means that with one round remaining he was unable to be caught in the championship. Congratulations to Olly Jeffries, BRCA LMP12 Open Modified champion 2019/20.

Mod Podium small

In Sports David Spashett lined up on pole looking to wrap up the sports championship after having to settle for third at the last round. David was in commanding form leading all four rounds of qualifying. Mark Stiles would line up second with Mark Jewitt and Adam Mackman close behind. In the final David would pull a gap on Mark and maintain this throughout the eight minutes to take the win and the overall championship. Congratulations, David Spashett, BRCA LMP12 Sports Champion 2019/20. Mark Stiles would finish second but it was all change behind after an early mistake in the chicane by Mark Jewitt would shake the order up. Ben Vincent would be the one to take advantage of this and completed the podium from fifth on the grid.

Sports Final Result

1                   David Spashett – Zen Racing

2                   Mark Stiles - Roche

3                   Ben Vincent - Roche

4                   Mark Jewitt- Schumacher

5                   Nathanael Goodban- Schumacher

6                   Adam Mackman- Schumacher

7                   Aaron Morley - Roche

8                   Andrew Smith - CRC

9                   Matthew Lax - Xray

10                 David Sedgwick- Schumacher

Sports Podium small

The final round of the series will take place in Chesterfield in March.