2019-2020 LMP12 National Entries

1/12th Circuit

URGENT - National entry system guidelines for you all!!


There is a problem with the entry system for the 12th Nationals. The 'basket' process is not working so you can only enter one event at a time. Some people have done this to get all their entries in, and then had problems with their payment system as the multiple entries from one site look like suspicious activity to the banks and payment systems!
This problem will be fixed in the first week of October. I'll not bore you all with why. Suffice to say that in using some entry system features that help make life easier for competitors other Sections have discovered that said features are not compatible with the basket process - not anyone's fault!!
For now, to help you with avoiding any problems, will you please either:
Enter the first two Nationals in four goes (one for each day) and wait until we confirm the problem is fixed, OR
Enter each National a number of days apart to avoid looking like suspicious activity to the payment provider if you want to enter them all now.
Please accept the Committee's apologies for this. We are confident it will all be put right in a month or so. Please do get your entries for Eastbourne and Poole in ASAP.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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