BRCA 1/12th Season 2016/2017 Preview

1/12th Circuit

As the evenings start to draw in the focus of many racers across the country turns to carpet racing, and as with every winter a new season of LMP12 racing!



12th2This winter sees the return of a single field on a Saturday, with everyone running 13.5 turn motors with ‘Blinky’ ESCs – initial testing suggests the re-unification will result in super competitive meetings, with seconds potentially covering whole finals. Sunday retains the split field format with the Sports class moving to 13.5 Blinky and the new 6.5 Blinky class replacing Open Modified. The sight and spectacle of a well driven Open Modified 1/12th car is awesome to see, but dwindling numbers have meant that action was necessary to save a faster class of racing – early signs suggest that this has been successful, with the 6.5 turn class attracting between three and four times as many entries than Open Modified did at most meetings. Many drivers who have switched to the class have commented on how much they’ve enjoyed the challenge of a more powerful car, without having it so fast that it punishes the slightest mistake.

12th3The season takes in a variety of locations around the country, with some new venues joining existing and established favourites – the first round of the season sees us heading south to Robertsbridge for a meeting held by the Eastbourne club, followed by a trip north to the fantastic MB Models facility where we can look forward to a warm welcome from Michael and his team. The series returns to the midlands for the final national of 2016 hosted by the Tamworth club in their traditional December slot, before heading back north to South Shields in January for a meeting put together by regular national competitor Mark Jewitt. The final two rounds see welcome returns to the series for Swifts Raceway in February and the traditional season ender held by the Chesterfield club in March.

12th4Manufacturer interest for the season is high, with Xray being represented by Olly Jefferies running the new X12’17 model. New World Champions Roche are represented by a host of drivers including multi-world champion David Spashett, former European Champion Chris Kerswell and rising star Ollie Payne. Yokomo have their new Worlds TQing YRX-12 chassis being campaigned by perennial frontrunner Mark Stiles with an increased level of support for Matt Rice reflecting his loyalty to the brand and improved results over the past few years. The new CRC chassis first seen at the world championships will be fast in the hands of Matt Lax and Mick Farrell, while Tim Wood will lead the Serpent charge and Team Associated will be represented by reigning vice world stock champion Nigel Hale. Finally, there are strong rumours of a new (old!) manufacturer entering the scene, who will be hoping to ‘Eclipse’ the opposition!

In short – it looks set to be a great season. Hope to see you all trackside