BRCA 12th LMP 2017/18 National Series

1/12th Circuit

Proposal for the 2017/18 12th LMP National Series.

For the forthcoming 2017/18 12th LMP season we propose holding a six-round series on the following provisional dates running the classes to be agreed at the EGM. If there are no proposals for changing the classes, they will be the same as last season. Applications forms for clubs wishing to hold Nationals will be available soon. We are aiming to have a full calendar to be discussed and agreed at the EGM.

21/10/2017 LMP Stock - Round 1
22/10/2017 LMP Modified - Round 1
  LMP Sport - Round 1
18/11/2017 LMP Stock - Round 2
19/11/2017 LMP Modified - Round 2
  LMP Sport - Round 2
16/12/2017 LMP Stock - Round 3
17/12/2017 LMP Modified - Round 3
  LMP Sport - Round 3
20/01/2018 LMP Stock - Round 4
21/01/2018 LMP Modified - Round 4
  LMP Sport - Round 4
17/02/2018 LMP Stock - Round 5
18/02/2018 LMP Modified - Round 5
  LMP Sport - Round 5
17/03/2018 LMP Stock - Round 6
18/03/2018 LMP Modified - Round 6
  LMP Sport - Round 6


This season we have had to help clubs make up the difference between their costs and the amount we award through the entries. Hall hire prices are going up and entries are not as high as we need to cover that. Considering the alternatives - less racing or higher entry fees - we have decided that we will run a support class to help improve numbers, as opposed to raising entry fees. Details will be released later, and it will be a class that attracts local drivers mostly, and not clash with the established LMP classes.

We congratulate our winners from last season and remind you all that trophies for all classes will be awarded at the EGM so please make the effort to come.

2016/2017 Winners

    1st 2nd 3rd
Stock   David Spashett Adam Catchpole Ollie Payne
Stock - F2   Neil Diver Andrew Edwards Adrian Thorpe
Stock - F3   George Brewer Russ Giles Chris House
Modified   Adam Catchpole David Spashett Ollie Payne
Modified - F2   Kevin Creaser Andrew Edwards Aaron Morley
Modified - F3   James Cann Chris Simons Lee Palmer
Sport   Craig Nutting Aidan Ripley Luke Burley
Sport - F2   Neil Diver Adrian Thorpe Graham Raistrick
Sport - F3   Russ Giles Chris House Bob Hill


Saturday   Sunday
Zen C   Zen B
Zen B   Zen C
Newbury Numpties   Zen A


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