BRCA entries for UK2020 IFMAR Worlds

1/12th Circuit

BRCA entries for UK2020 IFMAR Worlds


For those BRCA members who wish to enter the IFMAR 12th Scale Worlds at UK2020 here’s where we are and what you need to do.  Please read this carefully before you decide to express an interest in racing at UK2020.

To be eligible for an entry your name must appear on the BRCA LMP12 handicap list from the end of last season.  Stock is here and Mod is here.  Team selection will be strictly in accordance with this list.  The priority is highest name on the list.  If your name is not on that list don’t try to enter as your name will be deleted from selection.

The way places are allocated is as follows.  The EFRA Bloc will receive 12 places by right, and 20 places as the host bloc.  We are also able to request up to 2 places for the ‘IFMAR’ picks.  There are another 40 pool places allocated by the IFMAR Electric Section Chairman on a first come, first served basis.  If you are asking me to guess we will get around 20 places (total) under those rules.  However, it might be up to 30 places, so if you are interested please register.  At some point places not used by the ROAR, FEMCA and FAMAR blocs will come back for re-allocation, so we may get more.

In order to help EFRA they have opened a pre-registration scheme for EFRA countries in order to work out how many people they have to allocate places to.  Instructions are below - it isn’t easy so please persevere.  If you get completely stuck with registering on the EFRA site email me at  We are not sure when they will confirm the places, though June is now being spoken of as a likely time.  As I write this the EFRA registration file is only available for Mod.  Keep an eye out for the Stock one and I’ll post again when it is available.

We, the BRCA drivers, need to be in the first come bracket so we get served first for places that may be available.  Please register your interest for one class only (Stock or Mod) on the EFRA website ( as follows:

Hover over “Home” and then click “Login”

If you have a profile from registering for the LMP12 Euros this year use that to log in

If you do not have a current profile then register one. When that’s done log in.

Hover over ‘My EFRA’ and click ‘My Account’.  Fill in the gaps including your email address.  Click ‘change data’.

Then hover over “My EFRA” and click “My Racing”

From there you can select an event and then press “Process Registration”

It’s all a bit clunky so please persevere with good cheer!  We, that is Jim and I, will sort out the rest with EFRA.

Please make sure you do the following.  Register your interest in one class only on the EFRA website.  No places are fixed until we tell you they are.  There are no favours, we take the names to fill the places strictly from the handicap list in order.

Whatever opinion you have of this system, keep it to yourself.  Resist any temptation to post something anywhere slagging this off or criticising EFRA, IFMAR, etc.  Because the WC is in January, an not the usual summer date that the EFRA and IFMAR Rules are made for, things are being sorted ouside the usual systems.  Jim is building an excellent relationship with EFRA and IFMAR which we be to our benefit, so resist the temptation to spoil it for the majority of drivers.  If you have a good question then email me.  There is no other information, so if your question is about this part of the process please ask.  If it is about when you will know if you have a place, what the entry fee is, when a place is confirmed or anything else like that I’ll tell you now - the answer is we don’t know yet.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me, and please get your name registered ASAP.  Thank you all in advance.


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