BRCA LMP12 6.5T Modified motor rule clarification

1/12th Circuit

The BRCA 1/12 Electric Section Committee has reviewed the situation regarding the implementation and understanding of the rules regarding motors that can be run in 6.5T open mod class on Sunday Nationals.

 From this point forward, the section will only consider rule 3.1 and accompanying EB rules to mean the following.

1) You may run a modified motor with a turns limit of 6.5T (Y) providing it is homologated on the EB Modified motors list.
2) You may also run any homologated motor from any of the EB stock motor lists, 10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T.
3) You may only fit optional rotors and parts that are approved for that Motor.

To clarify, this means :
1) A 6.5T version of a EB approved stock motor, but which is not on the modified EB list is not permitted.
2) Rewinding an EB approved stock motor to 6.5T is not permitted.

We apologise for the confusion, and previous statements relating to this rule, but have decided that this is the only way these rules should be implemented going forwards.

David Gale. 1/12th Eligibility officer.