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Racers will be aware that there are now ‘certified’ versions of stock motors available on the market.  As sold, these motors cannot be used at BRCA National events when they are sold above the price limit set out in EB Rule 2.1.  This sets a price limit of £90 for a stock motor.

It is possible for a competitor to make the Trinity 24k ‘certified’ motor look like the standard version that meets the rules and is on sale for under the £90 price limit.

Following work by the EB it is clear that it is not possible to tell if a Trinity 24k stock motor is the standard version under the price limit, or a racer-disguised ‘certified’ version that is over the price limit.  There are no distinguishing features of either motor in any respect that clearly shows which version is in use.  This does not mean both versions deliver the same performance, it means that a competitor-disguised ‘certified’ version, if presented to a BRCA scrutineer, cannot be identified.

Therefore, the BRCA 12th Section covering LMP12, GT12, F1 and GT10 National classes will not be checking Trinity 24k stock motors to see which version is being used at its forthcoming National series’.  24k motors will be checked like any other motor – that what is in the car at scrutineering conforms to the one in the homologation list.  That is all we can reasonably do.

This is not an adverse reflection on the Trinity Company.  Trinity has made the price clear and made external visual identification of a ‘certified’ motor as sold obvious in any technical inspection.  The technical rules governing stock motor requirements have been observed.  The Trinity 24k Certified versions are easily identifiable by a black timing plate at the back of the motor.  This is appreciated as it helps everyone.

We urge all competitors to abide by the Rules to which we race.  All eligible motors must be on the BRCA EB Homologation lists for the class being raced and, by being on that list, are available to buy in the UK below the price limit set in EB Rule 2.1.  ‘Certified’ versions above the price limit are not allowed. 

Competitors are reminded that rules exist in the 12th Section allowing anyone to buy another competitors motor for the full list price at the end of a meeting.  If you wish to take advantage of that rule please ensure that your Sporting Co-ordinator for the relevant Committee (LMP12 or GT) is advised and helps complete the transaction.

If you have any questions please contact our Eligibility Officer David Gale at

You can download this article here: Clarification of ‘certified’ stock motors

Peter Winton

On behalf of BRCA 12th Section – LMP and GT Committees

8 July 2016