Exciting News from the 12th Circuit Section

1/12th Circuit

European GP and EFRA Euros application announced.

We are going to run a GP format event again this year and this time we are opening it up as an EFRA Grand Prix event.

The EFRA GP will be held at the Eastbourne Club’s facility, the Robertsbridge Community College, on November 19th and 20th 2022. Full details will be given after the summer holidays. We are hoping that the proximity to the south coast and our reputation for excellent events will attract some of our friends from mainland Europe.

Eastbourne Club has joined with the BRCA to apply for the EFRA 12th European Championships to be held in the UK in 2023. This will be our first Euros since 2010, so we are looking forward to a large entry and for some of you to help run the event! This application will be considered at the EFRA AGM in November, so we won’t have the sanction, or the agreed dates, until then.

Good times ahead for the 12th Section!