Front bumpers for Xray and Serpent cars.

1/12th Circuit

Front bumpers for Xray and Serpent cars.



As announced at drivers briefing at Eastbourne, the front bumpers on the Xray and Serpent cars for 2020 are not compliant with the rules - for BRCA, EFRA, ROAR or IFMAR! The relevant BRCA construction rule is as follow;

1.8 Bumpers may be fitted but must be designed to minimise injury that could result from

being hit by a car, also to reduce the risk of damage to other cars. Rigid bumpers made

from non-resilient materials such as metal are not allowed. Other sheet materials should

have an edge radius not less than 1.5mm.

With grateful thanks to Matt Lax and Martin Hudy (Xray) and John Russell and Stef Helvensteijn (Serpent) both manufacturers now have legal parts available. Please contact Xray UK and Serpent UK to get replacement parts.

With this in mind, we will no longer accept the current bumper designs from the end of 2019 onwards. They will definitely not be accepted at the UK2020 Worlds.



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