GT10 National Series

1/12th Circuit

The 12th Circuit Section is pleased to announce the GT10 National Championship. 

This will run with two classes – one for the foam class and one for the rubber tyre class.  Both classes are offered running on the Saturday of the LMP12 Nationals in their own heats.  Three events from the six in the calendar will count.

Three rounds will allow people to attend the events most suited to them.  Drivers may enter one LMP12 class and one GT10 class on the same day.  Drivers may not enter both GT10 classes on the same day.

Although the rubber-tyre class is new and still developing, it is hoped the potential for the class will be enhanced by this series of races.  Rules will be as per those published on the BRCA website for dimensional and electrical areas, with the exception of tyres.

GT10 foam classes will use the control tyres listed in the rules.  Rubber class will use commercially available rubber tyres currently in use.  Information will be confirmed before the first event.  Wheels/tyres currently in use in the class will be included.  Additives for both classes will be as per the 12th Section approved list

GT10 foam cars will run to GT1 motor rules – 10.5 blinky.

GT10 rubber cars will run with 13.5 motors

Both classes will use speedos in the zero-timing (blinky)

These classes will run providing a minimum of three entries is received in each class.

Entries now open.

BRCA 12th Committee


Calendar of events

GT10 Rules

Approved additives