Interview with a racer.

1/12th Circuit

We want to hear from you.


It’s good to talk and the 12th section want to hear from you. To take part you need to film a short interview with yourself. This will then be edited together with others into a YouTube video. You can do this on your mobile, action camera or laptop camera. Once you are done get in touch via and I’ll send you details of a dropbox to put the clips into.

Here are the questions.

Introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been racing ?

What is your best race result ?

What is your favourite 12th circuit memory ?

What’s the furthest you have travelled to get to a race ?

Who is your on track nemesis ?

What’s your favourite car ?

What are your race colours and why ?

Can you share a speed secret tip ?

What was your highlight of last season ?

What are you looking forward to most about next season ?


Some tips;

Record in landscape rather than portrait.

Record in the highest quality you can.

Individual clips need to be less than 2Gb in size.

Pretend someone has asked you the question and then give your answer.


Looking forward to seeing your clips, this will be great fun.