It's Not a National Part 3

1/12th Circuit

Relive some races from past nationals.


For the third part of our “it’s not a national” series looking back at past events we are taking a trip back to 2014 and a memorable visit to Teeside. A strong part of that memory for those that were there was the thermometer in the picture below, captured displaying the high temp of the weekend !  It’s interesting looking back to the speed of the cars in 2014 compared to our current cars. 


There were four A finals that year with David Spashett, Andy Murray and Mick Farrell at the front of the 10.5 A final.

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2014 10.5 Stock A Final 

13.5 Stock A Final was poled by Leigh Dibble from Matt Lax and Jason Butterfield.

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2014 13.5 Stock A Final

In the sports modified final it was the familiar red car of Jim Spencer lining up on pole from Tim Wood and Matt Rice and the modified final would see David Spashett, Adam Walker-Catchpole and Andy Murray race for the win.

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2014 Sports Modified A Final

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2014  Modified A Final