It's Not a National Part 4

1/12th Circuit

Relive some races from past nationals.



 For the fourth part of our “it’s not a national” series looking back at past events we are quickly moving on to another national held in February and visiting the Newbury Club. The cars are already looking a lot faster compared to the cars at Teeside in part 3. This weekend was memorable for the challenge of driving anti clockwise. There was a lot of brain recalibrating in the early rounds. 

Saturday and the field was unified in the 13.5 class with Olly Jeffries lining up ahead of David Spashett and Ollie Payne. 

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2017 RD5 Newbury 13.5 Stock A Final 

Stock Podium

Sunday would be the familiar sports modified and modified classes. 

In the sports modified final it was Ben Vincent lining up on pole from Matt Rice and Matt Lax. The modified final would see Alexander Hagberg taking pole ahead of Ollie Payne and Olly Jeffries. 

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2017 RD5 Newbury Sports Modified A Final 

BRCA LMP12 Nationals 2017 RD5 Newbury Modified A Final


Sport Podium

Mod Podium