LMP Nationals 2019/20 Season Announcement.

1/12th Circuit

Season 2019/2020 is almost go – here’s some things to know…


The new season is upon us and entries are going well - thank you everyone who is able to support our National series. There are a few small changes from last season which are summarised here so you can take any appropriate action.

Wheels and tyres - we changed the rule at the last AGM to reduce the tyre width to 38mm in line with IFMAR.  This means that some wheels currently available no longer comply with this rule.  Please check your stock of wheels and tyres. We will be applying this progressively in the run-up to the Worlds.  Eventually this will work itself out, so for now we will apply some common sense and ensure that everyone complies in the shortest possible time during this season.  We are aware that the Contact and Hagberg HotRace tyres are in this situation.

We have been asked a number of times about cutting down the rear spoiler on our homologated body shells.  This is not allowed.  The rear spoiler must always maintain the same height as moulded, as this is part of the homologation procedure.  This dimension is to be maintained at all times.  The addition of a gurney flap is still allowed.

We removed the requirement to cut the body shells to the lower cut line.  It is difficult to check it, and it means that a shell could be useless after a couple of (my!) races if the front can’t be trimmed a bit.  However, please don’t take the mickey.  Cutting shells down must maintain the original shape of the shell – it’s homologated shape - above where it is cut. 

This rule came in because people were slamming shells and using expensive and special low-profile electrics in order to get the shell as low as possible.  If people start doing that again, we will re-instate the rule. 

Removing this rule makes it easier for everyone; let’s not abuse it and spoil it for everyone.  This rule remains in EFRA and IFMAR, where ‘lowered’ shells are easy to spot and not permitted.

Our classes this season are Stock 13.5 and 17.5, Modified and Sports.  It’s the usual drill; motors from the BRCA lists, cells from the BRCA lists and speedos from the BRCA lists.  Speedos to blinky for each class except Modified this season.  LiPos must be charged and discharged in a sack, and never taken over 4.20v, even the HV cells.

The Committee hope everyone has a great season.  If you have any questions please ask a member of the Committee.  Again, thank you everyone who has entered; we will do our best to give you a great season.

BRCA 12th Committee

11 October 2019

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