LMP12 and GT12 National RD 1 and 2 Information

1/12th Circuit

Important information regarding rounds 1 and 2 of the BRCA 12th Section Nationals. 

We are delighted that you have entered this first National in your droves - over 80 drivers this weekend.  We are also concerned that so many people inside at the same time carries risk in the current pandemic.  For this meeting, both days, you are required to wear a mask at all times when not eating or drinking, unless exempt.  If you don’t want to wear a mask, please don’t come.  These are sensible precautions which will help everyone.

Please remember the BRCA requirements for us to be compliant - bring your own hi-viz vest and wear it at all times when marshalling, and it is suggested you use work-grade gloves when marshalling.  The hi-viz vest is mandatory, the gloves are optional.  Everyone will have different concerns about being in a crowded pit area.  Let’s help each other out by wearing our masks at all times.

Some housekeeping from the host club.

Doors will open at 0800 on Saturday and Sunday, Please try not to arrive before this time as we want to avoid cars queuing on the road leading to the venue.

There will be access to the pits on Friday night from 2000.

Please keep the pit area clean and tidy. Tyre dust should be brushed off into the supplied bags and not the floor. This will be monitored closely throughout the event so that we maintain our good relationship with the venue.

No smoking or vaping is allowed on the school grounds.

The Eastbourne Club will be providing a catering service with breakfast rolls, lunch, cake, tea, coffee etc.

We have a great turnout for this meeting and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the first weekend of national racing since 2020 !