LMP12 Nationals 2020/21

1/12th Circuit

Update On Regional And National Racing


Following on from the post about potential Regional-style meetings, here's the latest situation summary from the regional reps.

In general, most venues have not yet opened, or have not yet been able to state if they will take bookings, or to what requirements we could hold a meeting. Where school premises are involved, we are finding that they aren't discussing use until the schools re-open.

In Scotland, centres are still shut with no plans to re-open. In the East, none of the clubs are actively running yet. In the South East, it hasn't been possible to make bookings with venues yet. It is a similar story from all the other regions.

That mixed picture of reasons all have the same result - we are still not able to offer any organised series through our clubs. The ones we know are open are limiting numbers to what we would have regarded as a very small meeting in times gone by.

We are still pushing to get some organised series' running. Without the clubs open and able to support, that is a tough task right now.

At this time of year it is usually my pleasant task to announce that entries for the new National season are open. This year my news is very different.

In light of all this, at the Committee meeting last week, we decided that we cannot organise a National series for 2020/2021. In effect, it is cancelled before it even starts.

One venue has tried to open and been put off, another can open but can't take more than 30/40 people, two are in schools that are not yet open, and so on. There is no certainty we will get venues, and continuing uncertainty we can hold meetings if the situation changes over the winter.

We are all sad to take this decision, we know how much the Nationals mean to you all. Nonetheless, we have no alternative that would allow people to book venues, travel and accommodation in any degree of certainty events will go ahead. That is not a tenable position for any of us.

We have discussed holding a big race (a GP?) in the Spring next year, and will do that if the situation will allow it. Otherwise, like all of you, we hope there will be a way to allow this side of our lives to return to National meetings for 2021/2022.

We will keep you posted about potential Regionals and any other news that might help us get back to racing. Please stay safe, and we aim to see you all on the other side.