Revisiting the Worlds - Part 3

1/12th Circuit

Champions of the World. 


Following on from our look at the organisation of the World Championships we now turn our attention to the competition itself and have spoken to the winning drivers and constructor.  We first hear from Andy Murray who competed in the stock class, qualifying in pole position and then winning his first World Championship. Andy was in a unique position having designed the car that he drove to victory and was also driven by Marc Rheinhard, the winner of the Modified class. 

Andy Murray  - 2020 IFMAR 1/12th Circuit World Champion. 

Andy M

Photo Courtesy of Dan Maher

Congratulations again on your win in 2020. It’s now a year since the event, what are your memories of the event ? 

To be honest, it still feels like it was last week, not last year!  

The event was a wonderfully put together race, probably the best I have attended.  Having these events, with spectators from outside the RC world really adds some impact and glamour to the race!  It’s fantastic for our hobby and industry.

There was so much going on, and so many friends to meet, strangers to greet and team mates to support and work with, while trying to participate myself.  I wouldn’t change a thing from my side though, the pressure made the results as special as they are to me.

How did you prepare for the World Championships ? 

As a team we intensified our 1/12 testing for many months before the race.  I recall not really thinking about anything else other than maximising everything for the entire of November and December.  This included many test days with many of our drivers, to get the most out of the soon to be/recently released Eclipse 3 car.  I remember preparing cars and cutting out body shell’s for various drivers, even on Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Putting the car on pole position and then winning the first leg of the A final, How did you feel at the start of leg 2 knowing you were so close to winning the World Championships ?

I’m terrible for doubting myself and overthinking things.  In many events this has been a big weakness, because you can talk yourself out of the confidence you need to win, but fortunately on this occasion, concentrating on the whole team kept me so busy that I didn’t really have any time to think about my own race!

Both World Championships were won with the car that you designed. That must be a unique achievement and make your win even more special ?

It was absolutely the most fantastic weekend of my career and racing hobby, without any doubt.  It was very special to be so involved in all of the success, but I’d be lying if I said anything other than how big a team effort it really was.  Even the design of the car and development we take is driven by our fantastic team.

The challenge now I guess is to try and create similar or somehow even better experiences and results in future.  It’s not going to be easy but is clearly my own, and Schumacher’s motivation to try and improve.

Do you have a standout moment of the World Championships ? 

The experience of the entire and wonderful event was in itself very special.  My parents, who have not been to an rc event for many years, being there on the finals day was incredible.  I would say the one stand out moment was after leg 2 of the stock A final, when I was marshalling the mod A final.   It was a Schumacher 1-2-3 with them all together, with what seemed like half a lap lead over p4.  That was an emotional moment for me.

Many thanks to Andy for taking part and answering our questions. 

This was the first on road World Championships for Schumacher and first World Championship since 1987 when Masami Hirosaka won the 1/10th offroad World Championships. After a 33 year wait for a win two came along at once with the Eclipse 3 car claiming the title on both Stock and Modified classes. We had the pleasure of speaking with Robin Schumacher of Schumacher Racing. 

Robin Schumacher – Managing Director, Schumacher Racing.


Schumacher last won a World Championship as a manufacturer in 1987 prior to the 2020 1/12th worlds and then you won two in one day. A great achievement, did you think that would be possible coming into the event ?

I knew we had a good car and a strong team, and we had put a lot of effort into preparing for this event. However to win a worlds you need everything to go right because the competition is so tough. I always thought it was only a slim possibility. We have had several Worlds podiums and A finals in the last 33 years so it was very special to get a win after such a long time. 

It must have been a great feeling especially as your father who founded the company was also watching

Cecil has been retired for many years and does not go to many races so it was great that he could be there to see it. We are very proud to have such a fantastic team of people. Our dedicated staff at the factory in Northampton work hard to develop and manufacture the cars. We also have a passionate  team of drivers and customers who have contributed to the success, and their enthusiasm makes the job very rewarding.

Do you have a favourite memory from the event ?

 I have many great memoriesThe BRCA team put on a fantastic event. The venue was perfect with a huge audience. Many volunteers put in long hours with event preparation, setup, running the event, and breakdown. There was great camaraderie and it was a pleasure to play a small part in that.It was an impressive spectacle to show to so many new people who did not know much about the hobby, and I heard many positive comments from the spectators.I enjoyed spending time with RC racing and RC industry friends from all over the world, and welcoming them to Britain.The racing was top quality and very entertaining to watch. The  A finals were so intense, I don’t remember breathing for 8 minutes! And the double win was the icing on the cake.

Many thanks to Robin for taking part and answering our questions. 


The 2020 IFMAR 1/12 Circuit Modified Championship was won by Marc Rheinhard. This was Marc’s second 1/12th Circuit World Championship having previously won in 2014 when the event was held in Kissimee, Florida. We have been in contact with Marc and we hope to hear from him soon.

Marc R

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