UK2020 IFMAR Stock class allocation to BRCA drivers

1/12th Circuit

UK2020 IFMAR Stock class allocation to BRCA drivers



We have received the first allocation of places for our drivers at UK2020 for the Stock class (13.5). Please check this information carefully...

Drivers who are 100% confirmed are as follows:

Matthew Varah
Mick Farrell
Matt Lax
Ben Vincent
Aaron Morley
Andrew Smith
Matt Rice
Ben Elliott
Mark Jewitt
Stephane Fiorini
Craig Nutting
Niall Cochran

Drivers who are 99.9% certain of a place are as follows:

Andrew Edwards
Joshua Coult
Tim Wood

99.99% means that there is almost no chance these places will be withdrawn. It remains up to you what you decide to book, etc.

Jim has been working hard on this, and it is monumentally difficult! He advises that we may receive further places for Stock as we go through the re-allocation. Outside the EFRA bloc there is limited uptake of places, but the EFRA bloc is very well subscribed.

You all want to know what that means so we are sticking our necks out here when we say that up to ten places may come available. So, this is a heads-up to the next ten applicants, in order of the qualifying list, BUT IS NOT A PLACE AT UK2020.

Simon Harris
Rob Jackson
Nigel Hale
Barry Lynch
James Egan
Jody Sherratt
James Inight
Jonathan Simblet
Stuart Cartwright
Mark Barford

The first twelve, please go ahead an make arrangements. The next three, please do as you see fit, but if it were me I'd be planning.

The next ten, we will tell you as soon as we possibly can if you have a place.

If anyone is not able to take their place I need to know as soon as possible - within a week - so I can move on down the list.

As usual, I have told you everything I know. If you have a question post here, PM me or email me at

Thank you everyone for your patience, it is greatly appreciated.


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