UK2020 IFMAR Worlds - Confirmation of UK Drivers Places

1/12th Circuit

Confirmation of all places for the IFMAR Worlds - nine additional drivers for Stock class at UK2020



Over the weekend, Jim spent more time on this than his racing. He tried to let everyone know on Sunday. Here's the confirmation. If you want to say thank you to someone, say it to Jim - you have no idea how hard this has been.

Places have been added in Stock, Modified is as it was. Now the really important bit...

If you cannot take up your place, please tell me straight away. Please don't leave this until later if you know now you can't compete at UK2020.

Should anyone's circumstances change between now and the event and you can't come, tell me as soon as you know.

The following people have places confirmed. It's the whole list so please check through:


Ollie Payne
Andy Murray
Mark Stiles
Chris Kerswell
Adam Catchpole
Louis Parker
Matt White
Andy Sawyer
Daniel Robins
Mark Rogers
Ant Lockyer
Olly Jefferies
Damian Giddins


Matthew Varah
Mick Farrell
Matt Lax
Ben Vincent
Aaron Morley
Andrew Smith
Matt Rice
Ben Elliott
Mark Jewitt
Stephane Fiorini
Craig Nutting
Niall Cochran
Andrew Edwards
Joshua Coult
Tim Wood
Simon Harris
Rob Jackson
Nigel Hale
Barry Lynch
James Egan
Jody Sherratt
James Inight
Jonathan Simblet
Stuart Cartwright

I need email addresses for Nigel Hale and Stuart Cartwright please - urgently. Send them to Friends of the above, please give them a nudge!!  

The following people are still on our reserves list. We do not know how this is going to work, so when places are released by IFMAR we will tell you.

Mark Barford
Steve Donald
David Underwood
Kenneth Rogers
Chris Wilkinson
Morgan Williams
Stuart Barber
Martin Harris
Anthony Wade
James Eaves
Lee Moss
Andrew Thompson
Rob Warren
Daniel Millard
Matthew Coverley

And remember to say "thank you" to Jim!


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