Updated 1s Battery List

1/12th Circuit

1s Battery list available from 3rd January 2022

In November I said that this would enable you all to have time to review the list and buy what you fancy. Well... we have the list!

2022 1s Lipo List (16-22) V1

The problems around shipping and customs delays got worse. Practicality took over and we decided to allow approval of items with proof of shipping to Paul before 1 December (usually the cut-off date for receipt) and that we would list items that would be delivered after January. Without these pragmatic decisions, there would be no new items on the list until July 2022.

In the main, factory deliveries to the major distributors (the names on the labels in the list) are scheduled for January. Those manufacturers then have to ship to the UK.

I hope you will understand what we've done here in order to help you and your retailers to have new product during the Nationals.

If you have any polite questions please email me at 12c.chair@brca.org


Update on 1S battery list 16/01/2022- please read

All batteries in the 1S list can be used at BRCA Nationals from now.

The list says new batteries are legal from 1 April 2022. With the EB's agreement (thank you Paul Worsley) we are bringing that forward to the date of the list, 3 Jan 2022.

Since many people will want to buy new cells (and the trade hope they do!) we were concerned that cells from the existing list might not be around. If they were, they would soon be superceded adding more expense for some racers.

The new list is therefore current from today. Our latest information is that many of the cells have left China and are on their way to their customers.

Apologies for not saying that clearly on my first post. I hope this corrects that. 12c.chair@brca.org if you have any questions.