BRCA 1/12th Section

Welcome to the 1/12 Electric Circuit Section of the BRCA.

1/12 scale is one of the oldest RC racing classes still in existence and can trace it's roots way back to the 1970's. Traditionally it was a training and development ground for drivers who later went on to become champions in this and other classes. More recently the class has become more specialised, due in no small part to the development of a wide range of other RC categories over the years.

That said, 1/12 is still a class that caters for competitors of all ages and abilities. The recent introduction of the GT12 class has resulted in an explosion in popularity of 1/12 scale racing at club level, and our national championships continue to be well attended.

Whether you're just a casual club racer or a pro driver, the 1/12 section has something to offer you and we invite you to come and share experiences with us.

Every year at its AGM, each section of the BRCA recognises one of its drivers, officials or other associated figures with a section award.

Section awards are usually given to individuals who have gone the extra mile for the section on a specific occasion or over a period of time.

Last weekend saw the first round of the 2015/16 BRCA 1/12 Nationals take place at West Kent Radio Car Club. This venue has quickly become a regular fixture on the national’s calendar having built up a good club following and boasting an excellent track and facilities.

Photo Credit: Martin Bollenbacher

Racing at a national event can be a daunting prospect for some. If it’s your first time then you might have found that going from the relative comfort of your local club to somewhere entirely new has thrown up a few surprises.

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