Motorsport With Attitude Report

1/12th Oval

Motor Sport With Attitude report - From PRO Officer Alan Leighton



16th & 17th February 2019

Peterborough Showground

The inaugural Motorsport with Attitude show, held at the Peterborough Arena on the 16/17th February, was a new show for the BRCA and, with this in mind, we arrived filled with a large mix of anticipation and apprehension of what we might find.  We were not disappointed as the show unfolded with displays and stands all promoting anything and everything that an Oval racing enthusiast could possibly wish for.  It transpired to be a show with a great fun atmosphere cultivating positivity from all taking part.


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In response to our invitation to exhibit at the show, we agreed to host multi class race meetings – all being run simultaneously on separate tracks – and, thanks to the support of the 12th oval stockcar and 8th stockcar sections, we managed to achieve this!  The 12th scale section (consisting of F1 and F2 stockcars) raced on a specially constructed carpet track whilst the 8th scale Stockcars ran an indoor meeting on tarmac over both days.

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Our BRCA ‘Arrive & Drive’ track was as ever present but this time with a twist.  Our usual fleet of Arrive & Drive cars were replaced by 12th scale stockcars – they really looked the part and were greatly received by all of the visitors to the BRCA stand.  The BRCA held a ‘free to enter’ Competition providing one lucky person with the chance to win a complete race kit along with complimentary BRCA membership for 2019.  Our winner was Harry Fowler from Wisbech, pictured here being presented with his prize of a ready to race DOT Rocket F2 12th scale stock car by Dave Tomlinson, Chairman of the 12th Oval section.


Members of the full size and the RC race community display a great depth of knowledge for each others racing which is evident as they cross paths or share their sporting passion throughout the year, whether it be RC club racing through the winter months then returning to full size racing in the summer, or starting off in RC and working towards the full size classes later on – “ I digress”.

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Back to the Show, where a fine display of full racing was put on by all of the sections present and they did not disappoint the crowds.  The race format of heats and finals provided plenty of action for the public to watch as well as many a ‘talking point’ amongst those looking on in awe.  Many of you “the members” will know of oval racing and may have knowledge of how long this form of competition has been around.  Although today it is not a large section, its racers certainly show  no less passion or commitment to their cause and remain keen to promote their section and work hard to attract new blood to the sport.  Throughout the show we received numerous compliments on our efforts and were rewarded with an invitation to attend the 2020 Motorsport with Attitude show.

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The support and hard work required to build a carpet oval track as well as to lift up a tarmac oval track and transport and deliver from Yorkshire to site, along with the installation of the ready to race ‘Arrive & Drive’ track, all stands testament to the true spirit of our short circuit members of the BRCA.  My personal thanks go out to all involved in making this happen and your contribution to promoting the growth of our sport and the BRCA and as the saying goes “ if you build it, they will come”.  Well you did and so did they.  Well done everyone, amazing work.

Alan Leighton