TTT Raceway Club Visit

1/12th Oval

After my first taste of Oval 12th racing I saw myself on the road again this time to the TTT Raceway the little village of Stanton just outside of Burton on Trent.


This was to be my full on F2 Stockcar event and with the grading system as per full size oval racing, I was to be a White Top and to see how I would fair in full battle.

For those not aware for how the 12th classes work, they have from three to four qualifiers mixed so you get to race all the entered drivers and adding all your laps to give an overall total. This will seed your placing into Semi and main finals, the top two drivers from the semis going through to the main final. Even with some years on 12th racing under my belt, this class wasn’t going to be easy by any means, as it’s not just the driving of the car on an average of three second laps. But avoiding other cars and pileups while trying to hold your line sometimes you have take the rough with the smooth. Throughout the heats I was quick to see how other racers applied themselves and different driving styles.

I was fortunate to win one of my qualifiers to which the adrenaline was pumping and making it through to the semi finals there was more to come.

I also took the time to meet some of the members and racers of the TTT club, all ages taking part and families supporting trackside and great atmosphere.

Thanks to Bob Harley and Dave Tomlinson for the invitation to the club and Mark Rodgers for the info and support getting on the Oval.

A little bit of history on F2 Stockcars and TTT Raceway. F2 started at about the same time at Burton banger club and Bicester Raceway in late 2011 we started by converting bangers putting a top chassis from an F1 and we started to get a bit of interest from drivers and we had about 6/7 running regular in 2012 Tony Perry and myself built a track and ran at a small hall in hartshorne Derbyshire and out grew there and moved to our current venue in Stanton Tony and myself have pumped a lot of money into it since we started new scoreboard costing £1000 plus lots of stuff people really don’t see we moved here in 2015 , we have held 3 major meetings using TTT Raceway track and equipment at Burton on Trent indoor market Hall last year was the best having a joint venture with F1, holding world finals for F2 and British for F1 2017 and was a fantastic success ,this year it’s over two day Saturday evening and all day Sunday it will be the F1 European championship with a lot of drivers coming over from Holland and it will be F2 world finals plus a full Meeting for any F1/F2 that wants to race on the day. Many thanks to all the club members making this a great place to engage with the community.