5th Circuit & Bike Section set a new standard for nationals

1/5th Circuit

The 5th Circuit Section & Bike Section are pleased to announce that in 2018 they will be sharing 2 venues for their national meetings


The two sections are joining forces and running their nationals at Mendip and Halifax in 2018 on the same day!

Alan Leighton Chairman Bike Section " I have spent many years in the BRCA and we are all about trying to give back to the clubs, our numbers have been very steady over the last few years in the bike section and we are really only using half the available time when we run our nationals, after speaking with Darren (Darren Newton 5C Chairman) it became apparent that if our calendars could work together we could free up an extra day at clubs and offer double revenue for the day we are there"


Calendar Dates for 5C & Bikes

BRCA Bikes National Round 1 - 18th March @Wombwell

BRCA Bikes National Round 2 - 8th April @ADUR

BRCA 5C     National Round 1 - 29th April @ Wombwell

BRCA Bikes National Round 3 - 20th May @Cotswolds

BRCA 5C     National Round 2 - 26th May @ Craigavon

BRCA 5C     National Round 3 - 27th May @ Craigavon

BRCA 5C      National Round 4 - 17th June @ Halifax

BRCA Bikes National Round 4 - 17th June @ Halifax

BRCA 5C      National Round 5 - 22nd July @ Mendip

BRCA Bikes National Round 5 - 22th July @ Mendip

Festival of Speed - 25/26/27 August @ Brookland (5c & Bikes)

BRCA Bikes National Round 6 - 23rd September @Brooklands (Also Section AGM Saturday eve)

BRCA 5C     National Round 6 - 29th September @ Brooklands (Also Section AGM Saturday eve)

BRCA 5C     National Round 7-  30th September @ Brooklands