BRCA 1/5th On-Road National Series Round 1 Brookland 2016

1/5th Circuit

The first round of the Brca 1/5th on road championship took place over the weekend of the 9th & 10th April.

With Saturday being practice but the weather had other ideas . Most still turned up hoping that at some point in the day the weather mite clear up . setting up there cars and getting scrutineering out of the way . In the end a decision was made to run practice Sunday morning from 7am till 9:30am .

Sunday morning the weather was much better but track condition was going to play a big part in qualifying and the finals.

After 3 rounds of qualifying the top 3 were
Fg mini
1st Craig Orman 2nd Terry Payne 3rd Jack Keatley
1st Danny Wilks 2nd Steve Metcalfe 3rd Laurance Taylor
1st David Bowen 2nd Wayde Sandford 3rd Adam Griffith

First out was the mini B final 15 mins which finished with
1st Adam Wilks 2nd Keith Plant 3rd Laurence Jenkins

Then it was the saloon B final 20 mins
1st Craig Orman 2nd Steve Wilks 3rd Ian Young

Gts final 30 mins
Danny Wilks lead the race from the start till he made a mistake and let paul wood though.
Paul then lead for most of the race till near the end when danny retook the lead .
1st Danny Wilks 2nd Paul wood 3rd Steve Metcalfe

Mini A final 20 min
1st Craig Orman 2nd Terry Payne 3rd Mark Woodward

Then it was the turn of the saloon A final 30mins with wayde having to start from the back due to a engine change it was going to be a interesting final straight from the start wayde went for it cutting though the field within a few laps he was up to 3rd fighting it out with adam Griffith till he did get past only to make a mistake a few laps later and adam got back past due to wayde wearing out his tires . all this time David Bowen had giving himself a good lead to never be troubled.
1st David Bowen 2nd Adam Griffith 3rd Wayde Sandford

Next round is on the 30th April - Craigavon - Round 2 1st May - Craigavon - Round 3

Eddie Goldsmith