BRCA Large Scale Circuit National Round 2 & 3 Craigavon Northern Ireland

1/5th Circuit

Christopher, Oddie and McGaughley all do the double.


May 25th to 27th saw the large scale circuit Nationals travel to the superb Craigavon track in northern Ireland, we were treated to glorious sunny weather from Thursday to Sunday just after the finals. the tarmac has to be the grippiest in the UK so drivers were working on set up changes to suit on the Friday practice day. What was also evident was that the grip while high, gave minimal tyre wear.

Testing was done in the FG Mini class on Thursday and Friday as many felt the new 30 min run time would be hard to achieve, times varied from 27 to 37 minutes the rule would stand and the A final would be 30 minutes long as per the rule book. This year the track was to be in its normal rotation of clockwise.

Fridays practice times saw local drivers Timothy Ryans and Jason Noonan setting the pace closely followed Darren Newton, Lee Stokes and Mark Christopher. In the super touring it was a toss up between Ian Oddie and Craig Orman and GTS was Clifford McGaughley .

National Round 2

With drivers briefing over on Saturday morning, the Mini class saw Ryans take the TQ spot followed by Noonan and Christopher.
Super touring was to be FTQ Oddie, Orman and kersey.
GTS was FTQ McGaughley followed by Noonan and Patterson.
The first final up was the B final Mini with the top three bumping up into the A final all was to play for.
Russel Armour, took the win followed by Tom McKendry and a flying Lauren McCartney,
Mini A final saw the top three make a quick start on lap 4 Ryans had a mechanical issue and lost 5 minutes while in back markers Christopher managed to make it past Noonan and take the lead, for the remainder of the race both were never more than a few seconds apart, some serious defensive lines by Christopher and clean driving by both saw them finish 1st Team Dremel’s Christopher 2nd Noonan 3 seconds apart after 30 minutes of racing, 3rd was Andrew Robinson who kept his head and keep out of trouble. Worthy to note that nine minis completed the full 30 mins with one mechanical DNF
Super touring saw Oddie take the win by a chasing Orman with Kersey taking the final podium spot, all having an event free final.
GTS saw Pole man McGaughley take the top podium spot followed by 2nd place Noonan and 3rd place Patterson.

Trophies were presented and the Dremel sponsored Tool was won By Andrew Robinson.

National Round 3 

Sunday saw and earlier start in the aim to miss the rain forecast later in the day.
Mini qualifying saw Team Dremel’s Christopher take FTD followed by Newton, after 10 minutes of qualifying the position was decided by 0.221 seconds. Pretty close! Third place was taken by Team Dremel Driver Lee Stokes .
Super touring saw a repeat from round 2 with Oddie, ~Orman and Kersey taking the top three qualifying spots.
GTS was again a repeat of round 2 qualifying, with FTQ going McGaughley followed by Noonan and Patterson.

Onto the finals and again first up was the Mini B with three spots going in the A final, 1st bump up was Jason Noonan who had had a nightmare in qualifying followed by Craig Hennessy and the flying young lady Lauren McCartney.
Min A final saw Dremel’s Christopher get a good start, while Dremel’s Stokes dived up the inside of Newton to take 2nd spot on lap one and Newton in 3rd. while 2nd to 4th were battling for position Christopher took the decision to sprint and make a gap, to try to control the race, while behind him paint was being swapped he managed to get 1 lap up then cruise to hold on for the win, McGaughley had moved up from 5th qualifier to take 2nd and Robinson took 3rd for the second day running.
Super touring was again going to be a start to finish win for Oddie followed by Orman and Kersey, the top three were at one point considering stopping and getting and Ice cream from the van that turned up during their final.
GTs was 1st McGaughley 2nd Noonan and 3rd Patterson

With finals over the trophies were handed out and the Dremel was won by the flying young lady Lauren McCartney, about ten minutes later we had the rain that had been threatened, then about half an hour later back to glorious sun.

Class postions to date are
Lee Stokes
Mark Christopher
Andrew Robinson

Super touring
Ian Oddie
Craig Orman
Trevor Kersey

Clifford McGaughley
Jason Noonan
Tom Pattison


If you have never been to the Craigavon track do consider going, you will not be disappointed, the sections next event is to the Yorkshire track in Halifax.
Congratulations to all!