BRCA Large Scale Circuit Round 4 Halifax Report

1/5th Circuit

Christopher and Oddie TQ and Win, Dazzler Newton Makes 30 mins without a stop or failure!!


Friday saw some of the racers arrive, notably some were also 5th Bike riders, as the sections had decided to join forces.

The Club had held a work weekend the previous weekend and the track was looking fantastic, freshly painted, cut grass, clean tarmac, massive credit to the club and thank you from the entrants for your efforts.

Saturday morning saw the cars out practicing Lee Stokes David Parish and Mark Christopher setting the top times in the FG Mini class with Darren Newton running his super touring having lent his mini to a prospective new driver to the class to try out.

Super touring saw Ian Oddie and Craig Orman on a similar pace, sadly no GTS cars were present or entered.
Around 3pm the heavens opened and we had a good thunderstorm, which resulted in little track action. The track did dry and Newton took his mini out to practice though the track was slower.
Sunday morning greeted the drivers to an overcast sky, first up would be the  FG Mini class.

Qualifying is held over a timed 10 minute session, with the fastest time making pole position.

Round 1

Heat 1 saw William McDonnell set the pace on 26 laps, followed by Rob Shepherd. Heat 2 saw Mark Christopher take the top spot with a 29 lap pace in 10.08.291,  1.466 seconds behind was Darren Newton, who was finally getting his Mini to where he wanted it to be, with David Parish taking third.

Super Touring

Heat 1 saw Neil Young go top spot with a 30 lap pace followed by Ian young. Heat 2 saw a rain shower mid-session meaning Ian Oddie, Jarret Williams and Craig Orman only able to make 29 laps giving both Young’s the top two spots in this round.

Round 2


Andrew Bulmer took heat one  increasing his time by two laps, followed by Rob Shepherd. Heat 2 saw Mark Christopher take 5 seconds off his time, David Parish moved into the 29 lap count as did Lee Stokes.

Super Touring

Heat 1 saw Ian young improve to 30 laps with Joe Richards moving onto 29 laps.  Heat 2 and Craig Orman moved onto 31 laps with Jarret Williams 5 seconds behind.

Round 3


Heat 1 William McDonnell increased his laps to 27, with Keith Middleton taking second place  just under 1 lap down. Heat 2 Mark Christopher pushed too hard loosing time leaving David Parish to take the round all be it 1 second slower than his best time.

Mini top 5 in qualifying were:

  1. Mark Christopher
  2. Darren Newton
  3. David Parish
  4. Lee Stoke
  5. Andrew Robinson

Super touring top 5 were

  1. Ian Oddie
  2. Craig Orman
  3. Trevor Kersey
  4. Jarret Williams
  5. Steve Wilks

The track had rubbered up well and grip was now good giving drivers a nice line to keep to, so moving onto finals.

Mini A Final 

From the start tone Mark Christopher set of with Newton and Parish in close attendance.  Parish dropped back a little and Newton closed on Christopher, around 3 minutes Newton made a lunge as Christopher backed off to keep a tight line and the resulting contact saw Christopher on two wheels while Newton got away only to clip the kerb going onto the straight and roll his Mini into the fence re-joining mid pack. A strong battle between Parish and Newton kept them busy with Newton managing to pass Parish. From there on Christopher kept a calm head and managed to lap the entire field, while Newton cruised to a well deserved and long time coming second place with Parish in third.

Super Touring

On the start tone the top three drivers Ian Oddie Craig Orman  and Jarret Wiiliams  set off close enough you could throw a blanket over them. On lap 8 Oddie made an uncharacteristic mistake (later we learnt a rear brake problem) and Orman took the lead. The race referee was then kept busy calling them through traffic.  Orman slowly made a gap to give himself a cushion then on lap 52 a back marker pulled over to let Orman through but clipped the back of Ormans car sending him off track. This gave Oddie the chance to retake the lead, which resulted in both drivers racing nose to tail for the remainder of the race. Final result was Ian Oddie, Craig Orman and Jarret Williams. This result Gives Ian Oddie 4 maximum scores and the 2018 Super Touring championship.

The Dremel sponsored prize was won by a happy Ian Young

Full meeting results can be found here[1]=arv&dId[E]=40536#

Overall championship positions are now

FG Mini

  1. Mark Christopher
  2. Lee Stokes
  3. Andrew Robinson
  4. Darren Newton
  5. David Parish

Super Touring

  1. Ian Oddie (2018 National champion TBA)
  2. Craig Orman
  3. Trevor Kersey
  4. Steve Wilks
  5. Joe Richards

The next round moves to the Mendip track at Weston Super Mare, we are looking forward to sharing again with the Bike Section