Large Scale 'On Road' Racers - Your Section Needs You

1/5th Circuit

Open meeting to discuss the running of the Large Scale On Road Section in 2017 + the 2017 race Calendar 


Due to personal reasons the majority of the Large Scale On Road committee have felt the need to stand down from their current posts. I (John Russell BRCA Vice Chairman) was co-opted on to the committee earlier this month as Vice Chairman of the Large Scale On Road Section, with two main aims. Firstly to produce your 2017 Race Calendar with no clashes with Large Scale Off Road and secondly to understand the issues within the section and move forward.


The details of the Race Calendar for 2017 are below:-


Round 1  

1st - 2nd April at Wombwell


Round 2 & 3  

20th - 21st May at Craigavon (Ireland)


Round 4  

24th - 25th June at Halifax


Round 5 & 6  

26th - 27th August at Brookland


Round 7

7th - 8th October @ Mendip



The date of YOUR Open discussion meeting chaired by myself will be 7th January 2017 starting at 13:00.


I have chosen a venue in the middle of the country to hopefully attract as many interested members to attend as possible, the meeting will be held at the Premier Meetings facility Leicester Fosse Park LE3 2FW (1.5 miles from Junction 21. M1)


I hope to see all of you at the meeting. If anyone wants to email me before the meeting with any points for discussion my email address is



John Russell

BRCA and LS On Road Vice Chair