Oddie and Mawson win BRCA 5C National Round 1 2018

1/5th Circuit

An exciting start to the BRCA 5c (Large Scale On Road) National Series with Ian Oddie and Craig Mawson taking TQ and the Wins, read on for the race report


Round 1 of the BRCA 5C National series was held at Wombwell RC Club over the weekend of 28/29th April, the winter had seemed to drag on forever and with one of the last sections to start our series the drivers were itching to get out on track.

Saturdays on 5C National weekends is practice and the track was full all day with the weather just holding off to give us a cool but dry surface to race on, The MINI class had several drivers all posting fast times from the outset with the winner from the last national last year Dave Parish pumping in an amazing 220laps for the couple of hours he was trackside.

“First time at Wombwell and just trying to get to grips with the track, I am not taking it seriously honest….” Claimed Parish

However it was not to be with Mason, Newton, Christopher posting the 3 fastest times.

In the Super National class, with Jarrett missing Oddie was showing a clear advantage over the field.

Sunday… Race day, could the 220 Laps Parish put in work to his advantage or would the new to the class Mawson bring some of is 12th Circuit skills to show class form, Not Discounting Gomez, Newton or Christopher the Battle was on.

After 3 rounds of Qualy MINI:

  1. Craig Mawson 26
  2. Darren Newton 26
  3. Dave Parish 25
  4. John Aldred 25
  5. Tony Gomez 25

Super National, Ian Oddie managed to retain his pace from Saturday, but local legend Trevor Kersey kept Ian Honest and pushed him all the way, leaving it a close battle for TQ, the race was sure going to be interesting

After 3 rounds of Qualy Super National:

  1. Ian Oddie 27
  2. Trev Kersey 27
  3. Neil Young 26
  4. Craig Orman 26
  5. Steve Wilks 26


The Super National final was a start to finish textbook race for Ian Oddie showing commanding pace while looking after his car and tires, the finishing order

  1. Ian Oddie
  2. Trev Kersey
  3. Craig Orman
  4. Brian Jarvis
  5. Joe Richards
  6. Steve Wilks
  7. Neil Young

Finals MINI

Unlike the Super National final, the MINI final was far from easy, a mistake from Mawson on lap one let Newton out in front where he would remain until a clash with a backmarker, Parish, Mawson and Stokes went through very closely pushing Newton to 4th, During this time Stokes and Parish both had a go at leading, until there was a clash and Newton made it back through, Newton managed to pull out a small lead and Mawson was able to break away from the Battle with Parish and Stokes, a Move from Mawson down the inside of the hairpin was the deciding move for the win with Newton’s car then failing (again), Handing Parish Second, a Mistake from Stokes let local boy Aldred through for 3rd

  1. Craig Mawson
  2. David Parish
  3. John Aldred
  4. Lee Stokes
  5. Rob Shepard
  6. Barry Fitzgerald
  7. William Mcdonnell
  8. Tony Gomez
  9. Darren Newton
  10. Andrew Lodwick

During the trophy presentation the sponsosred  Dremel draw took place, the number drawn corresponded to David Parish, who was then presnted his Dremel 3000 kit by Team Dremels Lee stokes.

The next two rounds are at the amazing Craigavon Race Track in Ireland https://www.brca.org/5c-events