Round 1 of the 5th Scale Circuit Championship at Wombwell

1/5th Circuit

The 1st and 2nd of April saw many 5th Scale racers flock to Wombwell near Barnsley for the first round of the National Championship, read on to find out more about how the weekend went!


The first round of the BRCA 5th Scale Circuit National Championship was a huge success. The weekend began when racers starting arriving from all over the country on the Friday evening with people coming from as far as Kent to take part in the first round, and we even had some first-timers at this round too!


The weather was very kind on the Saturday as we began the practice day, with many drivers taking the opportunity to try different tyres, engines, clutches and suspension set-ups to find their perfect set up and to lay down some all-important rubber on the track to improve grip. The sunshine held, and all drivers had a very successful day of practice.


Sunday morning began the qualifying runs with each class (FG 4WD, GTS and Saloon cars) receiving 3 rounds of timed qualifying – time to see if all that ground-work on the Saturday paid off! 


In the FG 4WD (Mini) class, the pole position was hard-fought over between John Aldred and Craig Orman with Craig putting in the fastest time during his second timed run. The mini section also saw the most first-time racers this weekend who also did splendidly well!


In the GTS class, Dean Driver and Eddie Goldsmith were in positions 1 and 2 for most of the day, until the last run of qualifying where Rob Shepherd put in some awesome times to just beat Eddie to P2!


In the Saloons, Adam Griffith lead for most of the day with Ian Oddie hot on his heels who was equally closely followed by Jarret Williams to give us our top 3 starters on the grid. 


The finals were well-run by all classes with drivers showing some immense skill and control while providing us with some really entertaining races. 


The FG 4WD class was won on the day by Jack Keatley who raced extremely well, who was closely followed by Andy Knight and Darren Newton to give us our top 3. Unfortunately, John was unable to start the race due to a gear failure, and Craig was forced into retiring by a clutch problem – it really was anyone’s race!


The GTS class was won by Eddie Goldsmith who went toe to toe with Dean Driver all the way through the 30 minute final and they were closely followed by Kevin Gosling. A brilliant display of ability and racemanship was demonstrated by all drivers!


The Saloon section saw Adam and Ian tousling for top spot before Adam unfortunately suffered a problem with his differential and was forced to retire from the race. Jarret and Craig weren’t far behind him though and they soon took up his position hassling Ian for 1st Place! Ian went on to win the race followed closely by Jarret in 2nd and Craig in 3rd . 


Here are all the final results of the day for you:


FG 4WD Minis

1. Jack Keatley

2. Andy Knight

3. Darren Newton

4. Abi Swift

5. Chris Dickson

6. William McDonnell

7. Craig Orman

8. John Aldred (DNS)


GTS Saloons

1. Eddie Goldsmith

2. Dean Driver

3. Kevin Gosling

4. Peter Gill

5. Rob Shepherd

6. Keith Middleton

7. Rob Herring (DNS)



1. Ian Oddie

2. Jarret Williams

3. Craig Orman

4. Jim Griffith

5. Steve Wilks

6. Neil Young

7. Trevor Kersey

8. Adam Griffith

9. Myles Dixon


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend’s racing with lots of good driving on the track, certainly not a weekend to have been missed! The sun was shining all weekend, and spirits were high as we look ahead to the 2017 race season. 

Hopefully we’ll see you all in Craigavon (Northern Ireland) on 20th May, but if you can’t join us, there’ll be live timing available on MyRCM, and live coverage with updates and videos over on our official Facebook page!