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2020 Season

The committee have listened carefully to what the drivers want from their national series.

Key points that came out were: -

1)      The national race meeting to be more of an event

2)      More structured racing over the weekend

3)      I/C racers wanted a “Bump Up” format

4)      Electric racers wanted 3 finals with best 2 to count

1/8th Circuit Race Calendar 2020

Best 6 of 8 to count

Round 1 – 28th and 29th March Mendip
Round 2 – 18th and 19th April Brookland
Round 3 – 9th and 10th May Halifax (Track open for practice Bank Holiday Friday)
British Open - 30th and 31st May Mendip (Non Points Meeting)
Round 4 – 27th and 28th June Wombwell
Round 5 – 25th and 26th July Halifax
Round 6 – 22nd and 23rd August Adur
Round 7 – 5th and 6th September Brookland
Round 8 – 26th and 27th September Cotswold

Section Conference Sat 5th September at Brookland 16:00hrs

Entry fees to be paid online prior to the meeting and closes 2 weeks prior to each national after which late fees apply.

Please join the section’s Facebook page for more news, photos, and gossip. 



  • Nitro Class: 3.5cc two stroke engines
  • Electric Class: batteries up to maximum of 4s (14.8 volts), motor and speed controller combination recommended retail price (RRP) of up to £325 including all taxes. The motor must have a 5mm pinion shaft

Meeting format:


Open free practise Saturday morning

PM practise runs in heat order determined by drivers ranking

3 seeding runs in heat order, best three consecutive laps determine drivers qualifying heat for Sunday

Open practice after seeding runs (subject to circuit conditions)


practise run in seeded heat order (subject to time available)

4 qualifying runs for finals FTD

Nitro Finals

Top 8 drivers direct into A final

Bump up heats for all other racers

Starting with the bottom bump up heat the fastest 2 drivers will progress to the next bump up heat

The remaining drivers in the bump up heat, position 3 -xx will contend for that final.  

Electric Finals

 3 finals (5 minutes each) with the best 2 from 3 to count.

*note for those drivers unable to complete 3 consecutive laps on Saturday they will be placed in to an appropriate heat by the committee for racing on Sunday with the exclusion of the top heat.

*note The above is subject to local track conditions and may be altered to accommodate time available

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