The championships will be contested over 5 outdoor rounds on off road surfaces, with each driver’s best 4 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will visit several of the established venues, but also a new one in Nemo Raceway. The venues have been chosen based on their geographic spread, the level of their track and facilities, their previous track record of hosting similar events and of course the feedback we have received from our competitors from last year.


  1. 26th + 27th June - North West Nitro
  2. 24th + 25th July - East Shrewsbury
  3. 31st July + 1st August Herts Nitro
  4. 14th + 15th August - Brookthorpe
  5. 18th + 19th September - Nemo Raceway


Buggy 1/8 Nitro

Meeting Format


  • 2 x Timed practice in heat order
  • 4 x Round by Round Qualifying


  • 1 x Round by Round Qualifying
  • Best 3 rounds from 5 to count for final seeding
  • 1x Finals with Bump Up's for top 4

Please note: All events for 2021 are currently at capacity taking the entries from the 2020 season. If you are no longer able to attend any of the 2021 events please contact the entry secretary (Suzanne Griffin) as soon as possible on 01584 877422. Events will be capped at 126 entries. 

In order to retain your entry for any 2021 event you MUST have renewed your BRCA license by the end of January 2021. Failure to do so may result in your entry been offered to a driver currently on the reserve list.

Important Information


The 2021 season will see driver/mechanic headsets used for the first time. Please read the following carefully regarding the rules regarding headset specification:

The use of EU/UK approved DECT5 technology headsets operating in the OPCOM approved frequency range of 1880 to 1900 MHZ only are permitted for the purpose of communication between driver and mechanic. The use of mobile phones is not permitted.


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