bikes copyFind below the dates and tracks for the 2018 BRCA Bike series. The championship will consist of 6 meetings, with 4 rounds to count towards the championship. This means your best 6 finals count and your lowest 4 are dropped. Each meeting will have 4 rounds of qualifying with an 8 minute duration. These qualifying runs are based on your best 3 consecutive laps, so if you make any mistakes or need to come into the pits for adjustments without losing a qualifying run. Finals are now 10 minutes in duration and are a straight race based on qualifying position. The three classes we run are Moto2 (17.5T blinky speedo, no front brake), MotoGP (10.5 Blinky) and MotoN (engines usually .12). Sidecars. All electric classes will run to the BRCA EB motor and LiPo current Lists at all BRCA rounds with all competitors submitting thier choosen Motors to the scrutterneering list before the start of qualifying.

Calendar Dates

  • 17/18th March - Round 1 - Wombwell3
  • 7/8th April - Round 2 - Adur
  • 19/20th May - Round 3 - Cotswolds
  • 16/17th June - Round 4 - Halifax
  • 21st/22nd July - Round 5 - Mendip
  • 22nd.23rd September - Round 6 - Brooklands


Moto2 (17.5T blinky speedo, no front brake)

MotoGP (10.5 Blinky)

MotoN (engines usually .12)


Race Days

Saturday - Open practice

Sunday - Quick practice first thing then straight into qualifying and finals.


Bike section booking in format
For all BRCA Bike Section National events.

All entries must be done via the BRCA website.
This can be done by:-

Log on,
Click Bikes’ section
And go to the events menu on the right side 
Click the event you wish to enter. During the check out process please fill in the relevent information about the cars in the classes you have chosen to enter.

Please enter N/A for the information thats not applicable to the class's you aren't racing

For example, If you are entering Moto2 and Sidecars fill in the fields related to those classes and enter N/A for all the other

Pay using PayPal (also accepts Credit & Debit Cards)
Please make sure you select your primary class.
The cut-off time for entries is 14 days before each event.

The entry is £25 for each meeting regardless of classes entered, There will be a late entry fee of £5 added to the race fee within 14 days of the event. 

The Section refund policy is:-
Prior to the cut-off date - refund in full
post cut-off is discretionary.

Classes at National meetings for the Bike Section
MotoGP (nitro)


Scrutineering will be available on the Saturday (during practice) for all members to register motors according to class entered.

All motors used must conform to the BRCA EB motor list current at the time of the event.


Health & Safety

A Risk Assessment will be completed prior to the start of each meeting and sent to the Vice Chairman of the BRCA
All members MUST use a LiPo sack during charging of lithium based batteries and all charge rates must comply with BRCA general rules.
All Marshalls must be on their marshal point, wearing a Hi-Viz jacket, before the start of each Heat/Final. Any member not able to marshal must provide a suitable replacement to cover their point.
The race director has the full responsibility for the running of the meeting and all activity at the track.

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