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We are a relatively small group of RC enthusiasts who in the main have found this form of RC Modelling by accident, much in the same way as you, if your reading this for the first time.


Traditionally based around the 1/5th Scale On Road Classes, we have evolved over the last decade or so to welcome most forms of on road bikes. Whilst we still focus on 1/5th  Scale competition the new 1/8th On Road and Sidecar Classes are finding favour with existing and newcomers as an ideal opportunity to join in and have fun.


Along with most other sports, radio control enthusiast activities have suffered in the last two years. Thankfully the BRCA Executive Officers have been working non stop to ensure the sport continues to the maximum possible within the guidelines.

The Bike Section have planned a series of events in 2022 taking in some of the best venues in the UK which will form part of the Section Championship. In addition, we hope to have several Club events running in parallel where numbers justify.


If you would like to join us at any of the published dates or would just like some information, no matter how trivial you consider, then just get in touch with any of the contact names listed or just visit our active Facebook Group :- “BRCA Bike Section” where you will find numerous links to clubs, groups and shops.


 Neal Vater

Bike Section Chairman 

Think of a “Club” running Nationwide Meetings, that’s what we try to be.

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