BRCA Bike Championship Results


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Here are all the results from this year and some previous years. Some early ones are missing as they are in HTML format, I'm working on changing those so I can upload.
Please click the link below to go to the relevant result/year. Depending on your browser it might download the 'linked pdfs' or display them in a browser window. Both ways will work fine.


Brooklands BRCA 2017 Round 1

Cotswold BRCA 2017 Round 2

Aldershot BRCA 2017 Round 3

Adur BRCA 2017 Round 4

Halifax BRCA 2017 Round 5

Championship Results 2017



Cotswold BRCA 2016 Round 1

Mendip BRCA 2016 Round 2

Adur BRCA 2016 Round 3

Aldershot BRCA 2016 Round 4

Championship Results 2016


Aldershot BRCA 2015 Round 1

Craigavon BRCA 2015 Round 2

Cotswold BRCA 2015 Round 3

Southend BRCA 2015 Round 4

Halifax BRCA 2015 Round 5

Mendip BRCA 2015 Round 6

Cotswold GP

Championship Results 2015


These years are in a different format, so I need to have a play with them. If you desperately need them let me know. Cheers Andy