BRCA Bike National Round 1 at Wombwell 2019


Peter Vater completes a clean sweep in Moto2 with John Veal showing complete domination in MotoGP. Click here to see the full story.


The weekend of the 27/28th April 2019 saw the Bike National Series get underway at the Wombwell Circuit in the North Of England. With storm Hannah approaching the UK all runners were anxious that the snow and cold of last year would not be repeated.

With several runners planning to take advantage of Saturday practice the rain which storm Hannah brought was a most unwelcome sight. With covered space at a premium several spent several hours waiting in their cars for the skies to break. They say patience is a virtue and all present were rewarded by blue skies and a drying track by mid afternoon meaning rubber was able to be burnt on the long flowing sections of the track whilst the tighter infield sections required a much lighter throttle to produce a quick run. It was soon evident that the track needed respect to produce good lap times with several runners completing in excess of 40 laps in practice which was never expected after arriving at the circuit in the driving rain. 

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Sunday brought a crisp but bright sunny morning and with practice scheduled to start at 10am it was a leisurely start to the day. 

Drivers briefing held, it was now down to practice and qualifying, with the normal 8min qualifying best three consecutive laps to count. Whilst several drivers were able to produce quick laps, that all important third lap was elusive as ever. In Moto 2 Peter Vater and Ross Bartlett were ever present at the head of the list closely followed by Alan Leighton and Neal Vater. These four being just slightly ahead of the rest of the field, with John Veal showing that a Nitro can lap almost as quick as the electric runners.

Qualifying finished with the order of the day looking very similar to last year with Peter and Ross topping the timing sheet in Moto 2 and John Veal and Karl Boak in Nitro. They all hoped to repeat this when the finals were run. 


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Finals were run in relatively good weather but even so most runners opted for soft or even rain tyres to provide the best grip. With the Moto 2 class all running 17.5 motors in Blinky mode close racing is the order of the day and the fastest runner is not always first across the line. Unfortunately for all the class, Peter Vater is not only consistent he is quick too. Firstly Ross made Peter work hard for his win and the Alan pushed him hard, however, Peter was not going to falter and ran out a comfortable winner in both Finals. 

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The B Final is never considered a consolation with the Bikes as everyone has a big smile no matter what Final they are in. This was a closely fought race between Mark Plested, Derek McLarney and Matt Book, with any one of the group able to secure top spot, unfortunately they all had trips to the grass during the races which gave Mark the first final and Derek the second. 


The Nitro Final was not going to be anything other than a master class as John dove off into the distance in both finals leaving Karl and Martin to squabble over the remaining podium positions. 

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